Kevin Nash Reveals The Original Gimmick Vince McMahon Intended For Scott Hall

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently spoke on his podcast, “Kliq This,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including the Tony Khan talking about HOOK’s 28-1 record in AEW while comparing him to Jinder Mahal, who hasn’t won a match in a year:

“If f**ing HOOK was sitting next to me right now, I wouldn’t know who the f**k HOOK was. Give him the fu**ing hook. So let’s just say it’s 28-1 career record. This sounds like fu**ing back when they were doing the Goldberg thing. It’s like, you know he didn’t really win 28 matches of his own accord, but my whole thing is Q rating. If you put a fu**ing picture of Jinder and then you put a picture of HOOK, I’m quite sure fu**ing Jinder is gonna fu**ing have a much higher Q rating. It’s like, ‘Tomorrow on TBS.’ Well enjoy that because you guys might not be on much longer.”

When Nash was shown a picture of HOOK, Nash said, “Who is this?” His co-host said, ‘That’s HOOK.’ Nash said, ‘Jesus, I mean, is that like, flyweight? What does that guy weigh?”

On Vince McMahon originally wanting Scott Hall to have a Marine character when he first went to WWF:

When Scott went to New York and sat down with Vince, Vince had him like, he was gonna be like a Marine, like an army guy. He was like, ‘Did you see Scarface’, and then he went into the fu**ing schtick. He said, ‘I’m thinking about doing this’, and Vince said, ‘I love it.’

Why he didn’t go on the first Chris Jericho cruise:

“I was booked to go on the first one. I was actually booked to do the first one and it slowly became very AEW dominant, or that group, and my loyalties run with the WWE.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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