Kurt Angle Calls Brock Lesnar The Best Overall Wrestler Ever

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Kurt Angle has been in the ring with a lot of talented wrestlers throughout his career.

But who was the most talented?

During a recent interview with True Goardie, the Olympic gold medalist and WWE / IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame legend named Brock Lesnar the overall best wrestler he’s ever seen.

“Brock was special because not only was he a great amateur wrestler, but this guy was the most powerful, quickest person I’ve ever met for his size,” he said. “[The] strongest, smartest, just overall best wrestler I’ve ever seen.”

Angle continued, “It didn’t matter where Brock went, he was gonna succeed no matter what. It didn’t matter what sport you put him in — basketball, you put him in football, you put him in soccer, doesn’t matter. He’s going to excel, he’s going to be at the top, he’s going to be the best at whatever he does. That’s how good Brock Lesnar is.”

Check out the complete interview via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to WrestlingInc.com for transcribing the above quotes.