Matt Hardy On Ethan Page In WWE: “I Think He’s Going To Do Great There”

Pro wrestling veteran Matt Hardy took to an episode of his “Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including Ethan Page’s WWE in-ring debut and how he believes Page will kill it in WWE.

Hardy said, “Full disclosure, I still gotta go back and watch the match, and I want to. But I’m very proud of him, very happy for him. Glad he’s getting this opportunity and obviously, I wish him nothing but success. And I don’t even think I have to wish him, because I think he is so talented. He is so good, and he is so on top of his s**t. I think he’s going to do great there, and I think he’s gonna kill it. Because he gets the opportunity — at NXT and WWE, being a sports entertainer is looked upon a little more proudly it is looked upon with a bit more of a smile. So I think it gives him a lot more room for like upward movement.”

On Drew McIntyre’ career resurgence:

“Sure [being resilient]. And it’s also a great sign that people go out and bust their asses and work hard and stay optimistic and believe in themselves and bet on themselves, that they can achieve anything when it’s all said and done. And Drew was the perfect example. I mean, he had been in that rough spot. He was released, as you said, and just — I remember when he got out on his own. And he was doing the Indies, he was traveling, he was busting his ass all over the world. He was somewhere different every single week, every single weekend, and working so hard getting into the best shape of his life. And that’s when he was so driven, so motivated. And sometimes you need that kick in the ass of like, feeling like everything’s taken away from you, to really motivate yourself to take it to another level, and he did. At the end of the day, he just improved, and he learned, and he got better and more confident. And now he’s back to where it belongs. And I love to see that he is headlining Clash at the Castle. It is such a cool deal.”

You can check out Hardy’s comments in the video below.

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