Maxxine Dupri Reacts To Criticism She Has Received Due To Being Inexperienced In WWE

As previously reported, a video of Maxxine Dupri being booed during a WWE live event went viral on Twitter/X. Several wrestlers, including Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega, came to Maxxine’s defense.

During an interview with Joe Vulpis on the Lightweights podcast, Maxxine was asked if she believes she has been under more scrutiny than the average WWE wrestler

Here is her response:

“I think yes and no. I think at times, people have really given me a lot of grace because I’m learning on live TV, and thankfully, with my character, that’s been said, so people are aware that these are my first reps. My first time performing in front of a crowd have been on Monday Night Raw. So I think on that level, people have given me a lot of grace. I think on the other hand, and maybe this is in my head, this is just how l feel, I feel like we have so many talented women. Not only on SmackDown, Raw, but NXT, developmental, people wrestling on the independent scene. So I think there’s also this level of, ‘Okay, so this girl’s getting a shot who maybe is or is not quite as ready as people feel I should be.’ So I think that adds a level of scrutiny. But I think for me, it’s an added level of pressure, but it’s also, I want to make those people proud that aren’t getting an opportunity. I’m so grateful for every opportunity. I’m grateful to be thrown into the deep end. Obviously, it’s scary, and obviously, it sucks when you get scrutiny for things where it’s like, I really am doing my best, I’m training as hard as I can, I’m trying to get better every time. But I’m not perfect. I am human, and this is my first time doing this stuff, so there is gonna be times where I do things that people aren’t gonna love, or that I’m not gonna love when I watch back. Believe me, I’m watching it back too, like why did I do that? I don’t know. [Laughs] I’m trying to figure it out, like I get it. So I do think it adds that level of scrutiny, but I also think I’m a perfectionist, I’m a people-pleaser, so it’s just hard for me sometimes. I want to be better than anyone could ever could imagine I could be.”

“I’ve always been spending a lot of time in the ring. So yes, consistently. I train with Chad Gable as much as I can. Obviously, he lives in a different state. So any time that I’m able to get in the ring with him before TV on Mondays, I always will. That’s been a game-changer for me. He’s so kind to spend his time doing that, he does not have to do that. So I’m really, really appreciative that he takes the time to do that. Then I go to the Performance Center during the week, and I’ll train with the girls that are in the developmental. I’ll go with Indi sometimes, and Candice, Nia, anyone I can go with, Chelsea. I love the opportunity to learn from any of them because I’m always like, ‘I need it. Someone come with me and help me, please.’”

(quotes courtesy of Colin Tessier)