Mick Foley Reveals When He’ll Make A Decision To Do One More Match

(Photo Credit: WWE)

In a recent episode of Mick Foley’s “Foley Is Pod,” the WWE Hall of Famer revealed that he desired to return to his roots in order to participate in one more match.

The former WWE Champion wanted to do a deathmatch as a reward for losing 100 pounds because he remembered getting in shape for another match. However, due to the deathmatch style, the legend does not want the match to be held in WWE.

Foley isn’t getting any younger as he approaches 60 next June, so a decision must be made sooner rather than later, which he is well aware of. During a Sign-it-Live session for Highspots, Foley stated that he is unsure whether he will do it yet, but has set a decision deadline of early 2025.

“Yeah (I’m looking to do one more match). But I’d have to lose an extraordinary amount of weight and it’s not falling off like I hoped it would. So I’m gonna have to reexamine where I am at a certain point. It’s not about the money. I wanna have a fun match but I am having trouble. I’ve been working out, I feel better, moving better but it’s not showing up as of yet on the scale. So I’m not sure. I’ll have an answer by the beginning of the year… There’s a lot of different options (opponent-wise) to do such a thing.”

Foley last appeared in action in 2012, working the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

You can check out the appearance below:

(H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcription)