MLW Kings Of Colosseum Results – January 6, 2024

MLW Kings Of Colosseum Results – January 6, 2024

6 Man Tag Team Match
Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers & Dyln McKay) & Alec Price vs. TJ Crawford, Griffin McCoy & Tony Deppen

Wasted Youth & Alec Price attacks TJ Crawford, Griffin McCoy & Tony Deppen before the bell rang, as Alec Price & Wasted Youth dived onto Crawford, McCoy & Deppen as they were making their entrance.

Marcus Mathers & Crawford started in the match with Dyln McKay tags in quickly with Wasted Youth working on Crawford until Deppen & McCoy got involved.

Price enters but Wasted Youth & Price get tripped up on the ropes before they can dive some more.

Crawford, Deppen & McCoy take advantage and start working on Mathers in their corner along with Deppen choking him out with his shirt.

Deppen tricks Mathers into tagging him as he stands in his corner as Crawford, McCoy & Deppen stay in control.

Price gets the hot tag and goes after Deppen with knees in the corner and a leg lariat for a two count.

Wasted Youth & Price then start triple teaming on Deppen but McCoy is there to break up the pin attempt.

Crawford, McCoy & Deppen hits a assisted triple powerbomb on Mathers then a cover but Price was there to break up the pin then both teams start going at it as McKay mounts a comeback.

Crawford hits Mathers with a Burning Hammer before Price jumps in. They all go to the corner for a Tower of Doom spot from Price.

More action from all in the ring now including Price jumping off of Crawford to hit a DDT on McCoy.

Wasted Youth start double teaming on Crawford hitting a Shooting Star Press & 450 Splash to get the victory.

Winners: Wasted Youth & Alec Price (9:47)
Rate: 7

We go to Zayda in the back trying to get an interview with MLW World Champion Alex Kane but Mr. Thomas stops her and asks what she wants. Zayda says she wants that inside scoop so Kane tells her that he’s going to wrap his arms around Richard Holliday tonight and squeeze him until he turns red & purple and pops.

Featherweight Title Match
Janai Kai (c) vs. Hyper Misao

Janai Kai & Hyper Misao trade taking each other down to the mat until Kai kicks Misao’s hand away at a handshake attempt before Misao starts stretching Kai out.

Kai starts kicking away at Misao including a spinning kick to the back for a two count.

Kai continues with the kicks and pin attempts but Misao stops Kai by dropping her down face first and working on her arm against the rope.

Misao starts racing around the apron before hitting a crossbody on Kai then gets on her bike and takes a lap around the ring before hitting Kai with a clothesline.

Misao grabs something from under the ring, before hitting another crossbody on Kai for a two count. Misao puts on a Crossface Chicken Wing but Saline De La Renta gets on the apron.

La Renta lures Misao close to her as it looks like she is going to spray something in her face but Misao pulling out the item she acquired earlier beats her to the punch and sprays the spray in La Renta’s face instead.

Kai takes advantage of this distraction and hits the Demon Ish kick on Misao followed by the Demon Clutch for the submission win.

Winner By Submission & Still Featherweight Champion: Janai Kai (7:15) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 5

World Tag Team Titles Match
2nd Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) (c) vs. World Titan Federation (Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop)

2nd Gear Crew & World Titan Federation start fighting on the outside and we see Matthew Justice setting up a wooden board against the barricade.

2nd Gear Crew starts chopping away at Tom Lawlor before taking him down with a table they found under the ring and set it up on the outside.

World Titan Federation take control and start chopping away at Matthew Justice before 1 Called Manders joins in. Justice grabs a tool bag and takes out Lawlor with it.

The chops continue including Justice & Josh Bishop taking seats while trading them before Justice then grabs a chair and starts using it as Manders uses the wooden board.

Manders places Bishop on the table but Lawlor can stop 2nd Gear Crew and ends up throwing Justice off the top rope back into the ring. Lawlor keeps Manders in the corner before Bishop tosses a chair right into Manders’ face.

World Titan Federation continue to work on Manders with chairs before Lawlor takes him out with a Busaiku Knee. They continue with chairs on Manders as he starts hulking up as Justice takes them out with a top rope crossbody.

2nd Gear Crew starts grabbing more chairs and set up a tower of chairs and boards. Manders & Lawlor go at it with forearms. Manders gets ready to take out Lawlor with the Last Call but Zayda enters and rakes Manders’ eyes.

Manders takes out Zayda with the lariat instead. Bishop tosses a chair into Manders’ face and sends him outside through a table with a Razor’s Edge.

Saint Laurent carries Zayda to the back as the rest of WTF start reassembling the chair/board tower.

Lawlor & Justice fight on the top rope before Justice’s headbutts Lawlor off with him crashing through another table on the outside.

Bishop stops Justice with a chair to the face, heads to the top rope but gets caught himself in a Death Valley Driver as Justice sends him crashing through the chairs and boards for the win.

Winners & Still MLW World Tag Team Champions: 2nd Gear Crew (15:40) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match as 2nd Gear Crew were leaving Bishop took them out with one of the wooden boards as he & Lawlor held up the World Tag Team Titles.

National Openweight Title Taipei Death Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. Akira

Akira takes Rickey Shane Page all around the ring until RSP stops him with a crossbody.

RSP follows by whipping Akira through a wooden board and starts digging one of the pieces of wood into Akira’s forehead.

Akira tries to fight RSP off but he continues to dig the wood into him before RSP smashes a board onto Akira and kicks him down while taunting him with the Raven pose.

RSP starts punching away at Akira with his glass filled hands and attempts to duct tape him to the ropes but Akira fights him off and punches away at him with his glass filled fists.

Akira puts on an ankle lock and hits a running knee for a two count then Akira heads to the top rope but joins and hits a superplex.

RSP heads to the top rope and hits a splash for a two count as Akira mounts a comeback by hitting a top rope Meteora for a two count.

RSP stops him with a DDT before one of The Calling goons gives him a bucket full of broken glass.

More goons come out with a pane of glass that RSP sets on two chairs not before drawing a bloody cross on it.

RSP puts Akira under the glass and goes right through it with a top rope senton crashing onto Akira but he still kicks out at two.

RSP starts punching away at Akira but he comes back with a Saito Suplex then a running knee and sets up for Death Penalty.

Sami Callihan runs out and takes out Akira with the Raven Effect as RSP covers Akira for the win.

Winner & Still National Openweight Champion: Ricky Shane Page (12:23) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match The Calling picks up Akira after as Callihan puts one of The Calling cards into his mouth and hits a low blow.

Love Is Blind Match
Brett Ryan Gosselin vs. Love Doug

Brett Ryan Gosselin & Love Dough put the black hoods over and started slowly walking around the ring trying to reach each other.

The crowd starts doing warm/cold with Doug but BRG keeps dodging him before they eventually meet and take each other down with clotheslines.

When Doug was holding onto the referee BRG unmasked and put on brass knuckles that he used to knock out Doug, knocking him to the outside.

BRG furiously screams asking the referee where Doug is and almost hits the ref by accident. Doug gets back into the ring and backs up into BRG by hitting him with a Asai DDT for the win.

Winner: Love Doug (3:22)
Rate: 3

We saw a video showing that Mistico will be debuting for MLW at SuperFight on February 3rd in Philadelphia.

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Richard Holliday

Richard Holliday starts the match by holding Alex Kane down on the mat with a side headlock but Kane comes right back with a belly 2 belly suplex.

Kane tries a running splash, a suplex and clotheslines Holiday to the outside.

They start fighting on the outside against the barricades but Holliday takes control with a body slam on the outside and starts attacking Kane on the apron mocking the Bomaye chant and hitting a leg drop for a two count.

They go back & forth for a bit as Holliday hits a neckbreaker for another two count as Kane mounts a comeback by hitting a couple of suplexes on Holliday before he comes back with a cutter. Kane hits a spear and the Kane Maker for a two count.

They head to the top rope where Holliday hits an avalanche 2008 but Kane rolls to the outside. Holliday reverses Fade To Black into a two count with a couple more pinfalls.

Kane hits a chokeslam for a two count then puts on Fade To Black again but the referee gets taken out in the process. Holliday taps out while Mr. Thomas tries to wake up the ref.

Holliday hits a low blow and tosses Kane to the outside as Tom Lawlor & Josh Bishop run out to assist Holliday.

Faye Jackson is trying to wake up the ref as WTF starts setting up a table on the outside.

Bishop puts Kane right through it with a powerbomb before tossing Kane back inside but he still kicks out at two.

Kane tries an inside cradle but goes right into Fade To Black as the ref raises Holliday’s hand 3 times & calls for the bell.

Winner By Submission & MLW World Champion: Alex Kane (13:55) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Joe Dombrowski is in the ring and congratulates Alex Kane on his victory and says he now holds the record for the most choke out wins out of any MLW World Champion in history. Before the main event Dombrowski says he wants to talk about the next PPV in SuperFight and has an envelope with the next #1 contender for the MLW World Title at SuperFight. Dombrowski reveals it’s Satoshi Kojima & he makes his way to the ring. Before he makes it in, a fan hands him a bag of bagels that Kojima starts tossing into the crowd. Kojima takes a bite of one and saves some for later as Dombrowski talks about his resume and how he can become the 1st 2x MLW World Champion in MLW history. Kojima says he will win the MLW World Title as Sami Callihan starts making his way to the ring. Callihan is pissed that in one of the most legendary arenas in the world, Kojima is throwing out bagels. Callihan says he is one of the hottest free agents today and it’s bullshit that Kojima gets a title shot before him. Callihan spits water onto Dombrowski and tells Kojima to go f*ck himself as they start brawling before security breaks them up.

Salina De La Renta & Rocky Romero are in the back as De La Renta is on the phone with someone talking about a 20 million dollar Penthouse. Romero is pissed that just lost the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Title to Mascara Dorada in Arena Mexico last month and asks De La Renta where she was. De La Renta ignores it and is pissed that Mistico is coming to MLW. They bicker back and forth about what’s more important as Romero tells her she already has the greatest weapon in Promociones Dorado to go face 2 face with Mistico implying himself. Still, De La Renta says Averno will take on Mistico at SuperFight.

Matt Riddle vs. Jacob Fatu

Matt Riddle & Jacob Fatu starts the match going back & forth before Fatu corners Riddle.

Riddle tries to keep mounting Fatu but he keeps throwing him off and catches him springboard off the ropes with a chop to the throat.

Fatu clotheslines Riddle to the outside and hits him with a suicide dive before Riddle stops Fatu from entering the ring and hits him with Floating Bro.

Riddle tries another Floating Bro inside, but Fatu catches him into a sit out powerbomb for two count. Fatu stays in control, stomping away at Riddle and whipping him into the corner.

Fatu tries to springboard off the ropes but Riddle catches him right into a German suplex with the bridge for a two count. Riddle starts kicking away but Fatu catches him into a uranage and hits the spring moonsault for a two count.

Back and forth until Riddle hits a suplex then a kick and senton for a two count then heads to the top rope and hits Floating Bro for two. A bit more back & forth as they headbutt each other down.

They exchange forearms before Fatu catches Riddle for an Alley Oop then goes for a double spring moonsault but Riddle catches him in the Triangle Choke which Fatu powerbombs his way out of just for Riddle to keep it on.

Riddle gets on the back for a Rear Naked Choke that Fatu backdrops onto right back into an arm and shoulder trap choke as Fatu taps out.

Winner By Submission: Matt Riddle (12:28)
Rate: 7

Riddle & Fatu share some words and respect for each other as we see another one of those strange graphics, this time being able to make out the word Cobra in it.