MLW One Shot Results – December 7, 2023

MLW One Shot Results – December 7, 2023

CMLL World Historic Welterweight & Middleweight Titles Match
Rocky Romero (c) & (c) vs. Mascara Dorada

Match starts off with some mat reversals then Rocky Romero hits a dragon screw in the ropes then he slams Mascara Dorada on the ring apron then in the ring Romero hits a Sliced Bread and he started to untie Dorada’s mask before Dorada hits a dive to the floor.

In the ring Romero hits a tornado DDT for a near fall then Romero hits a top rope Sliced Bread for a near fall and he jawed at the ref then Dorada hits a delayed vertical suplex and they were both down. Dorada went for a moonsault but Romero got his feet up.

Romero immediately hits Trash Compactor along his back for a near fall then Dorada sets up for Razor’s Edge but he flips Romero so Romero lands stomach first for a near fall.

The ref got bumped so Romero immediately rips off Dorada’s mask as he went to cover up then Romero rolls him up for the win.

Winner & Still CMLL World Historic Welterweight & Middleweight Champions: Rocky Romero (10:45) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 7

TJPW Princess Of Princess Title Match
Miyu Yamashita (c) vs. Delmi Exo

Miyu Yamashita & Delmi Exo shook hands to start this match then Yamashita hits a kick to the spine for a near fall then hits a running knee to the back of the head as Exo was in the ropes. Exo hit a summersault off the apron onto Yamashita on the floor.

In the ring they traded forearm strikes before Yamashita caught her with a spin kick to the head for a near fall. Exo hits an electric chair for a near fall.

They fought on the ropes and Yamashita hits a 2nd rope Death Valley Driver for a near fall then Yamashita hits Skull Kick for the win.

Winner & Still TJPW Princess Of Princess Champion: Miyu Yamashita (9:13) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

Backstage Zayda Steel held an American Online plaque proclaiming she is this year’s most downloaded star. She wants a shot at the Featherweight Title.

Satoshi Kojima vs. Tom Lawlor

Satoshi Kojima & Tom Lawlor immediately traded chops then Lawlor hits a diving spear into the corner then hey went to the floor where Lawlor hits a running kick on the left arm.

In the ring, Lawlor twisted the left arm and focused on the limb before he hits rapid fire chops in the corner then Kojima pushed Lawlor into the corner and hits Machine Gun Chops.

Kojima hits a 2nd rope superplex and they were both down then they got up and traded forearm strikes and Kojima hits a DDT. Lawlor hits a Buzzsaw Kick to the head then a running Penalty Kick for a near fall.

Lawlor hits a piledriver for a near fall and he made the Go To Sleep hand motion before he locks in an Anaconda Vice on the mat. Kojima got to his feet and fought free and hits some Mongolian Chops then a stunner.

Lawlor hits Nasty Knee To The Brain for a near fall before Kojima hits Lawlor with a Lariat for the win.

Winner: Satoshi Kojima (13:30)
Rate: 7

Saint Laurent & Zayda Steel walks to the ring and Laurent said we were going to have a bodybuilding competition & Midas Black came to the ring. He flexed but Laurent dismissed him. Mr. Thomas from the Bomaye Fight Club came to the ring and also posed. Alex Hammerstone then hits the ring and posed and Laurent raved. Zayda declared that Hammerstone was the winner. Jacob Fatu hits the ring and brawled with Hammerstone. He clotheslined Alexander to the floor. Fatu destroyed a 10 inch tall trophy that was meant for Hammerstone.

A masked man knocks Ricky Shane Page down as he walked to the ring and it was Akira & he beats up Page at ringside.

National Openweight Title Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Jimmy Lloyd dove through the ropes to start the match and they got in the ring. Lloyd hits him with a chair. Lloyd hits a frog splash onto Page as he was lying on a sideways chair.

RSP hit a Swanton Bomb before Lloyd hits a Death Valley Driver through a door bridge in the ring. Lloyd tried to hit a piledriver but Page hits a DDT onto a folded chair for the win.

Winner & Still National Openweight Champion: Ricky Shane Page (5:24) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 5

Featherweight Title Match
Janai Kai (c) vs. Maki Itoh

Maki Itoh did her fake crying but then hit a series of blows then hits Kokeshi before Janai Kai hits a series of kicks to the spine and she hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall while focusing on Itoh’s left arm.

Itoh hits a DDT onto the ring apron then a top rope crossbody for a near fall before Itoh hits a series of punches in the corner then a running Facewash kick in the corner.

Jesus Rodriguez tried to interfere so Ichiban ran to ringside and chased him to the back.

Itoh missed a frog splash then Kai immediately locks in a Dragon Sleeper on the mat and Itoh taps out.

Winner By Submission & Still Featherweight Champion: Janai Kai (7:27) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Matt Cardona

Matt Cardona attacks Alex Kane from behind but Kane hits a German suplex and Cardona immediately bails to the floor. Kane followed to the floor and they brawled on the ramp in front of Kane’s entourage.

Back in the ring Cardona took control before hits Reboot before Kane tries to pick up Cardona but he drops him and sold his lower back so Cardona immediately began pounding on Kane’s lower back.

Cardona got a chair and hit it across the back for a near fall then Kane hits a chokeslam and they were both down then Kane hit a splash as Cardona was lying on the ring apron.

In the ring Kane hits a release suplex then goes for a cover but Steph De Lander pulls the ref from the ring then Cardona hits another Reboot then SDL slaps Mr. Thomas in the face.

Cardona rolls to the floor and he whips Mr Thomas into the guard rail then Kane went for a suplex near the ropes but SDL trips him allowing Cardona to land on top of Kane for a near fall.

They hit simultaneous clotheslines then SDL hops on the ring apron but a masked man grabs her and forcibly kissed her & this allows Cardona to hit Radio Silence for a near fall.

SDL grabs the MLW World Title but she accidentally hit Cardona with it then Cardona hits a spear on SDL. Cardona hits Kane with a chair then Kane grabs the chair and hits Cardona with it then 2 German Suplexes and a Falcon Arrow.

He locks in a Rear Naked Choke on the mat and Cardona has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission & Still MLW World Champion: Alex Kane (14:36) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 5

After the match Bomaye Fight Club carries Cardona to the back then Kane got on the mic and said he needs a new challenge as the lights went out when they came back on Richard Holliday was in the ring He was wearing a suit and Kane calls him Frank Sinatra. Saint Laurent got in the ring and said he’s setting the 1st main event of 2024 and he offers Holliday a WTF hat and Holliday puts it on.