Reason For Screen Blackouts During The Rock’s Segment On WWE SmackDown

(Photo Credit: WWE)

If you noticed problems with the FOX feed during the first segment of WWE SmackDown, you weren’t alone.

Everyone who watched the East Coast feed had problems because FOX decided to censor a sign in the audience.

As seen in the photo below, a fan held up a “DIE ROCKY SIGN” directly in front of the hard camera.

The “DIE ROCKY DIE” sign refers to fans’ rejection of his white meat babyface character when he wrestled as Rocky Maivia in 1997. Fans would bring “DIE ROCKY DIE” signs to shows, which were later used in the storyline to explain why Rocky turned against the fans and became The Rock. FOX may not have realized this when they censored the sign.

In case you missed it, The Rock issued a challenge for a tag team match at WrestleMania, pitting himself and Roman Reigns against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. If Rock and Roman lose, The Bloodline will be barred from ringside on night two, when Cody challenges Roman for the Undisputed Universal Championship. However, if Rock and Roman win, the Universal Title match on night two will be “Bloodline Rules,” which means anything goes with The Bloodline involved.

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