Rey Mysterio Discusses The Many Times He Has Been Betrayed During His WWE Career

Several wrestlers have betrayed Rey Mysterio over the years, including his son Dominik, Eddie Guerrero, Batista, Santos Escobar, and Carlito. While speaking with, Mysterio addressed the turns.

He said, “I’m too friendly with people and because I don’t know how to get mad and I can’t be the bad guy, even at home. My wife sometimes will tell me, ‘You have to show them a little bit more attitude.’ I’m just so chill. I’m so relaxed. I can’t change that character I’ve been for so many years, my whole life. I always end up trusting the wrong people and that’s my problem. Maybe one day I’ll just snap and go crazy.”

Rey also commented on Dominik’s work as a heel in WWE:

“To me, as a father, that makes me feel a large amount of pride because he’s carving his own path now. He’s not in my footsteps, he’s doing his own thing. I’ve never been a heel my whole career. Probably the only time that was kind of heelish was Filthy Animals. Overall, he’s done his own thing. I can’t give him any advice on how to be a heel, so he’s done that on his own and he’s figured that out on his own, which makes me feel very proud.”