Ricky Starks On Challenges AEW Faces In Building Their Roster With A Limited Number Of TV Time

AEW star “Absolute” Ricky Starks recently spoke with Forbes on a number of topics including how the company faces challenges in building their roster, especially with only a limited number of TV time.

Starks said, “It’s always gonna be challenging because you only have so much TV time allotted and you have a growing number of people on the roster, so there’s gonna be challenges there. It’s really about who stands out and who steps up to the plate when given the chance.”

Things that were out of his control that he just had to deal with:

“There are things that are out of my control that I don’t have an answer for…and that’s just how it is. You just have to deal with it. I can only control as much as I can control.”

How it has been a team effort in AEW since they are all working for the same goal:

“It’s a team effort. We’re all working for the same goal, and if you don’t follow the same goal, maybe this isn’t the place for you.”