Rossy Ogawa Says IYO SKY Wrestling For Marigold Is A Significant Sign Of Their Existence

Marigold owner Rossy Ogawa recently took to his official Twitter (X) account and noted that WWE star IYO SKY facing Utami Hayashishita at their Summer Destiny 2024 event on July 13 is a sign of the company’s significance.

Ogawa wrote, “Iyo Sky’s participation in the Ryogoku Kokugikan was something we really wanted to do when we decided on this event. The fact that we were able to invite a superstar from the world’s largest organization is a sign to the world of the significance of Marigold’s existence. Within one day of Iyo’s announcement, 600 more tickets were sold. The Shimi vs. Iyo match is the best match of the year, right up there with the best matches of the year.”

You can check out Ogawa’s post below.