Sam Houston Says He Was ‘Screwed’ By Vince McMahon, Would Return To WWE Under One Condition

Former WWE and NWA star Sam Houston, also brother of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, was recently interviewed by Dr. Chris Featherstone. During the interview, Houston discussed being “screwed” by Vince McMahon, his current relationship with his brother, and the only condition in which he would return to the WWE.

On working with Vince McMahon in the WWE:

“Well you don’t really realize how big [and] badly you’re getting screwed until after you get away from there for a long time. He never, well, I mean… you get faced with lies and everything in this business, it’s part of it. Would I ever work for him again? I don’t think so.”

The one condition that would cause him to make a WWE return:

“I mean, I might do a Royal Rumble return. I would like to do that, cause I, since I was in the very first one. When they inducted [Jim] Duggan into the Hall of Fame, which I thought that was the greatest thing in the world, they played a clip of him going to the ring and it was good because, in that clip, I was in the ring doing really good for about, two and a half seconds. And then I was flying through the air, for about a second. And then that loud splat as my body hit the concrete because that was before they started putting padding down. We used to land on concrete, not a pillow comforter or whatever that is.”

Houston also discussed his relationship with his brother Jake Roberts, Dark Side of the Ring, and more. You can check out the complete interview below: