Seth Rollins Says Dominik Mysterio Isn’t Built To Be A Babyface

Fans love to hate Dominik Mysterio.

And if you ask Seth “Freakin'” Rollins, “Dirty” Dom is always going to work best as a heel.

The WWE World Heavyweight Champion spoke about the subject during a recent appearance on the “IMPAULSIVE” podcast with Logan Paul.

Featured below is an excerpt from the interview where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

    “I wrestled Dom in his first match on live television. We did this great story that no one probably ever saw where I obliterated this kid with a kendo stick. I annihilated him with it. It built to this match with him and I at SummerSlam. It was wonderful to see where he was then, he was a good guy and babyface, straight white meat, ‘I’m Rey Mysterio’s kid.’ For me, I knew. I was sitting at a live event not long ago and he was getting boo’d out of the building and Hurricane Helms was sitting with me, ‘If you had told me six months ago he was going to be a top heel in the business, would you believe it?’ Yes. I could see this coming. He’s not built to be a babyface. He’s Rey Mysterio’s kid. People think he’s getting handed everything being Rey’s kid. It’s so easy to want to hate nepotistic jerks. It’s so easy to hate people digging off the family name. They’re going to love him at first, but eventually, it’s all going to come back around. For him to be able to feel [the boos], take that in, and apply it every single week and trust the people around him telling him what to do, to do that turn it into what it is now where he can’t pick up a microphone to say words because they will boo him out of the building. It’s fantastic. It’s so fun to watch. I’m with him on these live events all the time, and he’s a sponge for information. ‘Check this out, watch yourself do this, this is maybe a better way to do it.’ He’ll apply it the next day and it works. You can see the little things that he does every step of the way start to improve. He’s a young cat. He’s still growing into his body, learning how to do this. You can’t fill Rey Mysterio’s shoes, you’ll never be able to. For him to develop himself as something completely different than his dad, that has to take so much weight off his shoulders. He doesn’t have to be his father, he can be his own thing and that’s fantastic.”

Check out the complete interview below.