Shawn Michaels Comments On If He Sees Similarities Between Chyna And Rhea Ripley, More

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Shawn Michaels recently appeared on Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge for an interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, Michaels commented on Damian Priest using the Razor’s Edge:

“A lot of times, you see the influence that, you know, not just the Kliq, but certainly our generation all together, have on this generation, just like again, you know, as we all grew up, you know, the people before us influenced us as well. That’s certainly something here at NXT that we obviously are thrilled about. We try to instill certainly all the best qualities of the WWE and the world of wrestling into the NXT superstars. Obviously, I think that you can see that flourishing now on the main roster as 98% of the main roster, the Superstars of SmackDown and RAW are all people that came through NXT. So yeah, that’s one of the greatest attributes of this job, for both Hunter and myself, is the opportunity to give back to a business that was so wonderful, and it continues to be wonderful to us, and hopefully instilling in the hearts and minds of young men and women that come through NXT and work for him on the main roster. You know, to appreciate and respect the generations before you, one of the ways to do that is obviously by what you saw last night with Damian Priest.”

If he sees similarities between Chyna and Rhea Ripley:

“Chyna was one of the rare and unique people. I think she changed the face of women’s wrestling in a big way. I guess I’ll always kind of be biased in respect to Chyna. I mean, I think she was just unlike any others before. But look, Rhea is absolutely one of my favorites. I knew it from the day I walked into NXT that you could see that she was something special. and, you know, wanting to do everything that I could to be a part of her career. I mean, when she started out with us in NXT UK, man, I’m just telling you, you could see her grow. You could see her confidence grow and watch her evolve and just turn it into a fantastic performer and then came over here to NXT and continued that ascension. So I’m not surprised one bit at her success on the main roster. She’s still so very young. So, look, she’s gonna surpass certainly, again, respectfully, anything that Chyna accomplished, but I don’t think that’ll ever, you know, take away from what Joanie contributed to the WWE and the sport in general.”

“That notwithstanding, obviously, we’re thrilled to have Rhea, and obviously Dom and Judgment day as a whole, coming through NXT and who knows how much there’ll be here in the near future. It certainly looks like Dom is gonna, at the very least be here next week, along with Rhea to receive an NXT North American Championship match from Wes Lee and we’ll see what kind of ramifications that has on our Great American Bash on July 30th. ”

You can check out the interview below:

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