Shawn Michaels Reacts To Kevin Nash’s Critical Remarks About LA Knight

(Photo Credit: WWE)

As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash criticized LA Knight for being “an absolute rip off” of The Rock. In a subsequent podcast, Nash expressed his doubts about Knight’s ability to draw a crowd and asked, “why didn’t he get over anywhere else?”

Shawn Michaels was asked by Riju Dasgupta, who hosts the WrestleBinge podcast for Sportskeeda, if he had any thoughts on Nash’s comments.

Michaels said, “No, except that Kevin Nash has always given his opinion on stuff. Dare I say, so does Sportskeeda and every other website out there [laughs]. You guys got opinions on lots of people, every wrestling fan does. You’re absolutely allowed to have them, as Kevin’s allowed to have his. We can all agree or respectfully disagree. So I don’t know that LA Knight has any problem with what Kevin Nash says, or anybody else. I know him as somebody that we very much enjoyed working with here in NXT. Nobody’s happier to see him thriving and doing well on the main roster more than I am. We here at NXT are very proud of all the men and women that got brought up in the draft. Obviously very excited about that. It speaks well of NXT, and it speaks well of what the Performance Center has done for the WWE.”

You can check out the interview below:

(h/t to Colin Tessier for the transcription)