TNA Impact Results – April 11, 2024

TNA Impact is pre-recorded from 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA! On the card is a Monster’s Ball match between PCO vs. Kon. Plus, Jordynne Grace and Steph DeLander sign the contract for their match at Rebellion! Also, Loredo Kid vs. Crazzy Steve for the TNA Digital Media Championship and more. Continue below for the complete results.

Commentators: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring announcer: Jade Chung

The show opened with Josh Alexander and Hammerstone brawling inside the IMPACT Zone. Josh is busted open but out comes Tommy Dreamer to pull him back! Tommy Dreamer gets on the mic and talk about how impressive Hammerstone’s debut was! Dreamer tries to leave the ring but is instead attacked by Hammerstone. Josh Alexander comes out for the save then he announced that their match at Rebellion is now a Last Man Standing Match!

TNA Digital Media Championship: Laredo Kid vs. Crazzy Steve (c)

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA DIGITAL MEDIA CHAMPION IS CRAZZY STEVE! Crazzy Steve defeats Loredo Kid via disqualification after Kid beats Steve up ignoring the ref. Loredo Kid pushes the referee, the ref then called for a disqualification!

After the match, Steve tries to attack Kid with the belt but Kid ducks out the way. He picks up the title as Steve runs away!


Alex Shelley has a chat with Chris Sabin and Kushida. Shelley apologizes to them and says he has been a real jerk. He said they have been better together. Sabin agreed and talked about their losses. They all hugged.

ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) vs. First Class (Aj Francis and Rich Swann)

RESULTS: First Class defeats ABC via surprise roll up pin with a handful of trunks!

After the match, Joe Hendry comes out! He wanted Swann to explain his reason as to why he’s with Aj Francis now! He calls Aj a “fat uncle Phil”! He then challenges Rich Swann to a match at Rebellion.


Iceman and Ash by Elegance tries to get Santino into signing Ash for a Knockouts title match at Rebellion. Santino says it’s not happening.


Mustafa Ali complains to the Grizzled Young Vets about facing Jake Something at Rebellion. Jake shows up and says the match was going to happen. As he walks out Ali says it was a problem for all of them.

Contract Signing with Jordynne Grace (c) and Steph DeLander with Matt Cardona:

Santino welcomes Jordynne Grace and Steph De Lander (w/ Matt Cardona) for their Rebellion title match. Cardona speaks on behalf of Steph DeLander while Grace remains confident in her capabilities. Steph finally speaks and says Jordynne has had a busy year, but so has she. Grace promises to work harder and retain her title at Rebellion as she continues to cement her legacy. The Juggernaut reminds them that she’s beaten Steph DeLander, her boyfriend (Cardona), and even Cardona’s wife (Chelsea Green).

Grace signs the contract then offers a handshake, but she doesn’t let go. Steph rams Grace into the table and a brawl breaks out. Grace tackles DeLander but Santino gets knocked down in the process. Steph Delander then choke slams Grace through the table to end it.


Masha Slamovich was about to cut a promo, but was quickly interrupted by Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, and Alisha Edwards. Eddie says that Masha doesn’t have a partner, but how about her and Alisha could be Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Masha says something in Russian and left. Alisha complains that she couldn’t understand Masha.

This week’s Jonathan Gresham segment was titled “Truth, Part II”:

Gresham tells the table that he has three masks to feel heard: one that he shows to the world, one that he only shows to friends and family, and one that he can’t show to anyone. The person at the head of the table said it’s because it’s the truest reflection of who he is — of who “we” are. A voice says, “I saw a tree before me and as it began to touch the sky, a voice said to cut it down.” A quick shot of Gresham’s entrance octopus mask was shown.

Trent Seven w/ Mike Bailey vs. Moose w/ Eddie Edwards

RESULTS: Moose defeats Trent Seven via pinfall with the Spear! During the match, Edwards served as a distraction so Moose can pick up the victory!

After the match, The System attacks Mike Bailey but out comes Time Machine for the save! The System runs away from them!


The System and Speedball Mountain get into an argument. Santino announces System vs. Machine Guns for next week, and Speedball Mountain will face the winners at Rebellion. Decay walks up and invokes their rematch against Spitfire at Rebellion.

James Drake vs. Jake Something

RESULTS: Jake Something defeats James Drake via pinfall with Into the Void! During the match, Zack Gibson served as a distraction but to no avail! Deaner made his way to the ring to even things out!

After the match, Mustafa Ali makes his way out and says Jake doesn’t belong in the X-Division. He says the division needs limits. Something attacks Ali’s protesters and nearly hits Ali with Into the Void. GYV then stopped him and hits Grit Your Teeth. Ali hits Something in the head with the title.


Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown as they explained that PCO and Kon have not had food and water for 24 hours.

Monster Ball match – Kon vs. PCO

RESULTS: After PCO choke slams Kon onto tacks, he connects with a PCOsault via pinfall!

Next week on TNA we will see, System vs. MCMG for the tag titles and Hammerstone is in action! Plus, we will hear from Nic Nemeth and much more! TNA also has a new line of action figures coming out!