TNA Impact Review – May 9, 2024

TNA Impact Review – May 9, 2024

We kick off this week’s Impact with a recap of Under Siege.

TNA World Tag Team Champion Brian Myers gets on the mic to say to feast your eyes on the greatest faction in TNA history with each and every member a champion. But we shouldn’t be surprised because they’ve been winning their whole careers. He says The System runs on gold and is an absolute dynasty.

TNA World Champion Moose says he’s played on a lot of teams and they are the greatest team of all time. They’re not the 96 Bulls, they’re greater then them and you can ask Nic Nemeth & Matt Hardy. They ran them off the court just like they were Croatia vs. the Dream Team.

TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards says they walked into Under Siege as champions but Knockouts Tag Team Champion Alisha Edwards finally realized her potential and became a world champion. Even in one of the most celebrated divisions in the industry, she stands above them all and you may be looking at the greatest TNA Knockout of all time.

Alisha says Eddie is the sweetest and she made a video for them. The video plays celebrating The System with the group watching and smiling and it turns into Broken Matt’s theme! Matt is out here in and he comes to the ring!

Matt says congratulations; they won the battle at Under Siege but the war is far from over. He says nothing will stop him from getting the Championship of the World and he now understands the System better and what he must do to make them OBSOLETE! So what he can tell Moose is this is not over. It’s not the end, merely the beginning and Moose has had a number of accolades in life but he’d love to see the Super Bowl ring.

Alisha says no one can understand Matt’s accent and Matt says Silence, Snow Witch! She had better be careful not to get on Queen Rebecca’s radar. Moose says there’s 4 of them but one of him. Matt says he doesn’t like their odds and it becomes a brawl with the group overpowering him. They beat him in the corner and wrap the chair around his head and Ryan Nemeth is here. He attacks with a kendo stick and they toss The System from the ring. Everyone says Delete, even the cheerleaders.

We get a recap of the end of the X Division Title Match.

Gia Miller asks ABC about their match tonight against Speedball Mountain with the winning team facing each other to get X Division Champion Mustafa Ali’s next title defense.

Ace Austin denies there will be any tension between them and Chris Bey says that there’s no resentment between them. They’re on the same book and put their TNA World Tag Team Title rematch on the backburner so Austin could win the Title Shot. Austin says he’d be champion if someone was watching his back at Under Siege and Bey asks what he’s saying. Austin says Santino Marella is giving them another chance at the title and they want it so they’ll operate like the 2x TNA World Tag Team Champions they are and they’ll worry about what happens after that next.

The System is backstage and they aren’t happy, approaching Santino Marella. They complain that this is an unsafe work environment and Moose tells him to do his damn job. Marella says he’s going to make a huge announcement that will help them get their revenge but he has one more piece. Moose says that isn’t how The System works but Marella walks off.

Tag Team Match
Full Blooded Italians (Zack Clayton & Ray Jaz) vs. First Class (AJ Francis & Rich Swann)

Rich Swann starts off against Ray Jaz and they lock up then Ray with a wristlock and a suplex to Swann. Splash in the corner Zack Clayton tags in and runs over Swann.

Half and half suplex to Swann and he gets Swann on his shoulder but a rake to the eyes behind the ref’s back turns it around.

AJ Francis tags in and Clayton gets thrown into him.

Francis with a choke against the middle rope and Swann with a cheap shot behind the ref’s back.

They repeat the process Francis puts Clayton in the corner but misses a splash.

Clayton tries to make the tag but AJ stops him and puts him in the corner & he comes out and both men go down hard.

Ray with the hot tag & he takes it to Swann and hits a spinning heel kick followed by a big somersault back suplex then a cover for two but Francis breaks it up.

Clayton in now and decks Francis but is tossed outside.

Ray with a dropkick to Francis but is caught with a superkick, chokeslam by Francis before Swann with the frog splash for the win.

Winners: First Class 

Santino Marella is on the phone when Jake Something walks up and says he got cheated when AJ Francis & Cody Deaner got involved in total chaos. The Rascalz come up and want to complain about Zachary Wentz’s loss. Marella books the 3 in a Tag Team match and Deaner walks up to be added in. He has an idea for the match and walks off with Marella.

Alan Angels is late to his Sound Check segment with Kon & Steph De Lander but talks them up and says Kon is his 1st 2x guest and brought his girlfriend. Kon pushes Alan away and he comes back. De Lander says they aren’t dating and need to check his facts. Angels says that she’s single then? Steph asks Kon if he’s friends with this guy and he says no, Angels is starting to annoy him. Security comes in and gets taken out and Kon & De Lander leave.

Deaner takes the mic and says he talked to Santino and he said because Albany is so hot we can spice this match up. He says they could have a standard tag match or they could have an Albany Tornado Tag match. The crowd wants Tornado match..

Albany Tornado Tag Team Match
The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) vs. Jake Something & Cody Deaner

Cody Deaner put in the corner and stomped down by The Rascalz.

Trey Miguel with a catapult to send Deaner face first into the bottom turnbuckle for two.

Zachary Wentz charges at Something on the outside but he stomps him and decks him then knocks down a charging Miguel.

Jake in the ring, running the ropes and runs through The Rascalz.

He goes out of the ring and catches Wentz throwing him into a diving Miguel.

Something widens the ropes and Deaner dives through them into The Rascalz.

Miguel hits with a sit out powerbomb by Something for two.

Something grabs Miguel and goes for the suplex but Trey floats over poisonrana.

Deaner with a knee to the head then Wentz & Deaner both go for covers for a double near fall.

Deaner & Wentz trade strikes then Deaner takes over and goes into the ropes & they hit double crossbody.

Miguel up now and goes for the sunset flip top the outside but Something holds on but Miguel with the spray paint to the face.

Deaner goes for a suplex but Miguel but he floats over & hits a spinebuster follow by a superkick then a double stomp for the win.

Winners: The Rascalz

After the match Steve Maclin attacks The Rascalz from behind as Trey goes into the ropes and Wentz gets hit with a KIA on the ramp.

Steve Maclin is asked backstage by Gia Miller why he did that and he says they walked out on him twice so he returned the favor twice. That was one and taking out Miguel at Under Siege was the 2nd. Frankie Kazarian walks in and says that’s why he was distracted and they lost at Under Siege. Maclin says that Kazarian lost the match and that Josh Alexander & Eric Young is Kazarian’s problems now. Kazarian says Maclin is on his own with Mike Santana and they walk away from each other.

Hannifan has a sit down interview with Mike Santana & he says he’s on top of the world after returning and he couldn’t have chosen a better place to return home. Hannifan asks him about his time in LAX and he says they came in and took over with Konnan as a mentor and they accomplished a lot. They were still young studs thrown into the ocean and it was sink or swim. They swam and it was history.

Hannifan asks about what he learned while he was away. He says so much happened during that time. He lost his dad in 2020 and they were like brothers then the pandemic happened and there was a lot going on. He learned a lot had to change with himself, and he had to deal with some things in him. Hannifan asks about his decision to get sober and he says he needed to save his life.

Gabby AF host Gabby LaSpisa is here and she talks about how she asks hard questions to personalities to get to know them and she managed to score an interview with Ash By Elegance after some back & forth with her staff. She goes to introduce her and Ash’s personal concierge George Iceman is out here saying he does the introductions.

LaSpisa asks what his name is and he says he’ll give a name! A wonderful name, a beautiful name: Ash by Elegance. Ash comes out and Iceman walks her down to the ring. LaSpisa asks her what’s on her birth certificate regarding her name and they threaten to call lawyers. LaSpisa asks what Elegance means and why she’s Ash by Elegance.

Iceman tries to interrupt but LaSpisa shuts him down and Ash speaks up. She says Elegance is a lifestyle brand. LaSpisa asks what it’s all about and that she’s never heard about it. Ash asks if she lives under a rock and Iceman takes shots at New Jersey. Ash threatens to leave. LaSpisa shows footage from Under Siege and Ash attacking Havok after their match.

LaSpisa says Ash seems very angry and asks if it’s because of the moment when Ash’s attempt to use brass knuckles a couple of weeks was shut down which led to Xia Brookside getting the win. Iceman says the footage was supposed to be scrubbed and is all camera effects and illusions. Ash says she’s angry but just because Brookside stole her jewelry. LaSpisa says Ash can get her jewelry back but she has to beat Brookside who comes out to the ring.

Brookside suggests the rematch for next week with the rings on the line. Ash consults with Iceman and says fine and the match is set.

We get footage of Joe Hendry talking about his single taking off on the UK charts.

Santino Marella has been working hard to put his announcement together, and it’s time. It’s the Champion’s Challenge with all 8 champions on one side and 8 all stars on the other side. Josh Alexander was supposed to be on one side but he’s not cleared.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Will Ferrara

The official coughs up some ink and Will Ferrara strikes his way to his feet before ducking a shot and hitting a forearm. Splash in the corner then Ferrara charges into a big boot.

Waistlock reversals then Jonathan Gresham gets a springboard moonsault then smashes Ferrara’s knee into the mat several times.

Octopus Hold as he spits some ink out and then shoves it into Ferrara’s throat getting him down for the win.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

We see scenes if the forest and a wellness retreat. A car pulls up and Gail Kim walks out walking to a building where Gisele Shaw is meditating. She says they need to talk.

Tag Team Match
ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)

Winners meet in a X Division Title #1 Contenders Match.

Trent Seven goes for Birminghammer but Ace Austin makes the save and sends Seven into Mike Bailey on the top.

Ace with a leap over the top to Speedball Mountain then he rolls Bailey in and Austin talks trash with Mustafa Ali.

Chris Bey makes the tag to & Bey goes for Art Of Finesse but Seven makes the save and catches Bey in a full nelson superkick combo.

Birminghammer to Austin follow by Ultima Weapon from Bailey gets the win.

Winners & Goes To The X Division Title #1 Contenders Match: Speedball Mountain

Next Week’s Impact

Ash By Elegance vs. Xia Brookside

Leon Slater vs. Alan Angels

Frankie Kazarian vs. Steve Maclin

16 Person Tag Team Match
The System (TNA World Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers, Knockouts Tag Team Champions Alisha Edwards & Masha Slamovich & TNA World Champion Moose), X Division Champion Mustafa Ali, Digital Media Champion Laredo Kid & Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna), Matt Hardy, Joe Hendry, Eric Young, Steph De Lander, Sami Callihan & Ryan Nemeth