Tony Khan Provides Update On AEW’s Media Rights Negotiations With WBD

AEW President Tony Khan recently spoke with SportsGrid on a number of topics including the company’s latest media rights negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery as their current deal with WBD is set to expire soon.

Khan said, “It’s going to be massive. It will prove that the investment in AEW has been incredibly worthwhile. It will secure AEW’s future for a long time. We’re in great talks and have a fantastic relationship with Warner Brothers Discovery. They’ve made us excellent offers, and our discussions are very promising. With five hours of weekly wrestling and streaming, there’s a lot to discuss. It’s an exciting time for AEW.”

On the possibility of AEW Rampage or AEW Collision changing days due to NBA broadcasts on TNT:

“We’d need to consider that. These are interesting topics we are discussing. There’s much to figure out. I can’t speculate on the NBA’s future. Warner Brothers Discovery has been excellent and very strategic in acquiring sports media rights. Sublicensing college football playoff games was brilliant, bringing more viewers to TNT and creating major events outside the NFL.”

You can check out Khan’s comments in the video below.