Video: Snitsky Re-Enacts Infamous Baby Punting Spot At Indie Show

Gene Snitsky has punted another baby.

After beginning his wrestling career in 1997, the wrestler worked for WWE from 2003 to 2008. He later appeared as a heel in TNA, where he was paired with Rycklon for an alliance with Dixie Carter, but was released by the promotion a few months later.

In recent years, he has worked for Court Bauer’s MLW promotion. In November 2004, he punched a baby on a WWE Monday Night Raw episode alongside Lita and Kane.

The former WWE star worked a recent event for The Last Match: Pro-Wrestling Rock Experience, where he entered the ring with a stroller containing a fake baby. He picked it up with a crazed expression on his face and punted it.

Check out the footage below: