WWE Discussing Taking NXT On The Road Again For TV And Live Events

(Image Credit: WWE)

The new WWE NXT appears to be returning to the NXT days that put the brand on the map.

Prior to the launch of AEW, Triple H built NXT into a destination for talent, where it was viewed as an independent promotion with some of the best wrestlers in the world under the WWE banner, tweaking some aspects of how the wrestlers perform.

This strategy resulted in the brand performing not only its usual local weekend house show loops in Florida, but also touring the United States as a true third brand and delivering highly praised TakeOver specials.

The launch of AEW in 2019 slowed NXT’s momentum before the COVID-19 pandemic knocked the brand down and forced WWE to rebrand it completely while Triple H was away with health issues.

The brand now has the feel of the old NXT and is gaining momentum, as evidenced by an increase in television ratings. WWE has also unveiled a new brand strategy.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there has been talk of doing TV tapings and house shows outside of the Performance Center.

Meltzer stated, “There is talk of taping television outside of Orlando and running house shows outside of Florida but in smaller venues like NXT did when it toured before the pandemic.”

It was also stated that these are just some of the changes being discussed, but are being stalled due to the upcoming WWE-UFC merger, which is expected to be completed later this year.

WWE has begun to take the NXT PLE specials on the road in the last year.