WWE Main Event Results – February 1, 2024

WWE Main Event Results – February 1, 2024

Xia Li vs. Gigi Dolan

Xia Li & Gigi Dolan lock up to get this match started and Li gets a takedown then she stands on the hair off Dolan then plays to the crowd. Dolin gets an armdrag and Li seems frustrated.

Dolin goes back to the arm and works that for a bit before she responds by sending Li into the ropes then hitting a Rear View then a basement dropkick for a two count.

Li avoids a charge which has Dolin bouncing throat first off the ropes then buries Dolan’s head under the ring skirt and buries a knee to the head.

Dolin fights back with a chop but Li uses her educated feet to land some strikes for a two count before a kick to the chest from Li gets another two count.

Li hooks a Camel Clutch before she is able to escape and gets a leg trip then Li misses a knee in the corner and Dolan starts to goes crazy with punches.

Head kick from Dolan which leads to a STO for a two count then Dolin uses her boot to wash the face of Li and looks for the Gigi Driver but Li escapes as she hits Cyclone Kick for the pin

Winner: Xia Li

Julius Creed vs. Luca Crusifino

Julius Creed gets shoved after a lock up and that’s a mistake by Luca Crusifino so Creed starts throwing him around the ring and Crusifino has had enough as he tries to leave the match.

Creed chases and tosses Crusifino back into the ring then hooks a side headlock but gets shoved off then we get a delayed sell from Crusifino off a clothesline but that’s apparently the gag as Creed was playing possum.

He throws Crusifino over his head with a suplex and gets a splash in the corner before a 2nd attempt is countered by Crusifino.

He dumps Creed on the apron and gets a neckbreaker over the top rope as we go to a break.

After the break Creed drives Crusifino into the corner but Crusifino bounces out and hits a snap DDT then hooks a front facelock but Creed just uses his strength to break.

belly 2 belly suplex from Creed then hits 5 more then the straps come down and Creed with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count.

Crusifino kicks the knee and gets a modified neckbreaker for a two count. Creed back with some forearms.

He gets a release German Suplex that flips Crusifino follow by a clothesline for the win.

Winner: Julius Creed