WWE Main Event Results – October 12, 2023

WWE Main Event Results – October 12, 2023

Nikki Cross vs. Kiana James

Nikki Cross with a crossbody to start this match but she charges and gets sent to the floor then Kiana James notes that she is in the 1%.

Cross goes after Byron Saxton again as she wants a kiss and Saxton wishes he had his bear spray but they took it off him at the airport.

Back in the ring James gets a belly to back suplex for a two count then lays the bad mouth as she tells Cross to shut up.

She lays in the boots in the corner and does a backflip into a charge in the corner. Cross back with a shot to the ribs but James drops her with a sidewalk slam for a two count.

She hooks a body scissors and rolls over for a pin attempt that gets two before James throws some forearms to the back then she sits back to force a break and ducks a clothesline before hitting one of her own.

Cross gets a dropkick to the knee and hits a running splash in the corner before a bulldog is blocked as James sends Cross into the corner before the 401K from James gets a two count.

Cross kicks in the corner and snaps off a tornado DDT before the Purge neckbreaker gets Cross the win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

Akira Tozawa vs. Axiom

Axiom rolls out of an arm hold before Axiom takes Akira Tozawa down by the leg but Tozawa escapes and it’s another stalemate then Tozawa with a side headlock that Axiom rolls into a one count. Axiom floats over and gets a front facelock and then rolls over into another cover for one.

Side headlock from Axiom and back to the mat where Tozawa gets a headscissors but Axiom escapes with a head stand and ties up the legs of Tozawa and tries a surfboard but Tozawa floats over for a one count.

They trade standing switches and Tozawa lands a strike but gets caught with a backslide before a Bull Hammer from Tozawa connects.

Axiom back with a head kick that sends Tozawa to the floor before a moonsault by Axiom from the top rope to the floor connects as we go to a break.

After the break Axiom getting a fisherman’s suplex for a two count then Axiom heads back up top and gets caught on the way down with a dropkick. Tozawa with a kick to the back followed by a slam and standing senton for a two count.

Tilt a whirl backbreaker gets a two count for Tozawa then he hooks a headlock as he fights back but gets slugged down by Tozawa then a chop from Tozawa and another. Axiom returns fire and hits a dropkick.

Tozawa misses a clothesline and Axiom gets a German Suplex for a two count then they each start snapping off kicks that miss and Tozawa nails Axiom with a high angle German suplex.

Tozawa up top but Axiom meets him up there as a Spanish Fly gets a 2 count then Tozawa back with a right hand and a spinning head kick.

Tozawa heads up top and shoves Axiom off this time & Tozawa comes off with the Senton for the win.

Winner: Akira Tozawa