WWE Star Expected to Start Using His Last Name Again

There have already been some notable changes to the product in the less than a month since Vince McMahon’s departure from WWE, and there will be plenty more.

Changing wrestler names because they are their real names or names that were previously used on the independent circuit is one of the things that Triple H seems to be moving away from.

Vince McMahon disliked the last name of some wrestlers, and in other cases, he just thought it was better for them to have one name since it sounded better to him. As a result, some wrestlers in recent years have had their names changed.

“Some of the weird name quirks may be changing,” Dave Meltzer said in the Observer. He added, “The belief is Humberto will get Carrillo back as well.”

In the upcoming weeks, more name changes are to be expected. Given that Ciampa is now in a position to receive more backing, there is talk that he might regain his first name. Furthermore, Triple H has discussed a name change with another WWE talent. Click here to read more on that story.