Rey Mysterio Talks About Retirement, Update On His Concussion Status, Original ECW

In an interview with Peoria Star Journal, Rey Mysterio said that he feels like the main thing left to accomplish in WWE is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, but that does not mean he’s considering retirement.

“No, not at all. After this surgery, it kind of set me back almost a year trying to get my knee back in shape and recovered. I have my limitations as far as what I can do in the ring, but I manage to be creative with my style. I think that is what keeps me still able to perform for my fans. As long as I keep doing that, I’m good to go.”

Mysterio acknowledged his concussion at Summerslam sidelining from this weekend’s house show tour. Mysterio provided an update to his status.

“As of right now, I’m just waiting and taking another impact test and finding out the results.”

He also spoke about the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.

“ECW was a whole different world for me and for the people I wrestled at the time. Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera and Konnan, these were cats I grew up with and started my career with. Once we were introduced to ECW, we were like this is something that is completely different, extreme. It’s breaking boundaries. We were young. We were wild. We wanted to do anything creative to be on top of the world. We were just happy to be given an opportunity to perform at our best and at something completely new to us and jumping off ladders and breaking tables and having fans interact with your performance. It was a very, very exciting and cool moment in my life and stage in my professional wrestling.”