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Former TNA Announcer Todd Keneley recently spoke to The Shoot podcast. Here are some highlights: TNA’s using cheap finishes in World Title matches: “On PPV in a world title match people deserve a clean finish especially when you look at recent history. You went through an entire reign of Aces & Eights with Bully Ray as a world champion. There you know you’re going to have interference, you know you’re going to have screwy finishes. Then AJ wins the title but now you’ve got Dixie hellbent on getting rid ofRead More

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Death of Wrestling: AJ’s Pipe Bomb

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. I um’d and ah’d for a while over whether I wanted to talk about the state of Smackdown or the state of TNA, but as I don’t think the problems with Smackdown will be sortedRead More
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Death of Wrestling: Aces and Eights II

Greetings to all… It’s David Davis with my weekly blog: Death of Wrestling. For all of those who read this regularly, you will know that this is not a blog about bashing wrestling; it’s a blog of a frustrated fan, who loves the business and wishes that each week it could be a little better. Apologies for my emotional splurging last week, this week I promise it’s business as usual. (big sigh) Aces and Eights (bigger sigh). It doesn’t feel like that long ago that I was singing this storylinesRead More

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FATP: Who’s dealing the Dead Man’s hand?

Another week’s flown by which means that it’s time for yours truly to bring you another edition of “From Across the Pond”. Incase you’ve missed it, TNA have been live throughout the summer and apart from Austin Aries winning the title, the whole Aces & 8’s storyline has been one of the most intriguing things about Impact Wrestling. They’ve done a lot of things right over the summer and apart from one storyline (Hey crack-whore Claire/Olive Oyl, how ya doin?), TNA’s been on a roll. The best thing about theRead More
- Thursday’s episode of TNA Impact Wrestling scored a 1.09 cable rating with 1.578 million viewers. This is the first show since Viacom and DirecTV settled their dispute. – TNA’s next “Unfinished Business” one-hour pay-per-view special will look at the history between Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett. It begins airing on pay-per-view September 1st. Here’s the poster: – Kurt Angle appeared on the latest episode of TNA Today and spoke about the 2012 Olympics:Read More
- We noted before that Chris Masters lost to Robbie E in a dark match before the June 7th Impact tapings. Masters worked TNA’s Ring Ka King events in India and Jeff Jarrett was very high on him. However, Jarrett has no decision making power right now when it comes to talent. – Some people in TNA believe that Scott Steiner’s Twitter rants are being done because he’s trying to get Jeff Jarrett, who he’s tight with, back into power. – Word is that the current storyline with Dixie CarterRead More

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Backstage TNA Slammiversary News, Dixie Comments, Jeff Jarrett

- The general feeling backstage last night was that it was TNA’s best effort in a long time. – Hernandez vs. Kid Kash at Slammiversary was designed for Hernandez’s strength and power to get over. TNA want to establish Hernandez as a solid competitor. – TNA founder Jeff Jarrett was not in attendance for TNA’s 10th year anniversary at Slammiversary last night. Jarrett thanked fans for their support and posted Bible verses and inspirational quotes on Twitter. “Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our greatest direction.” – Following theRead More

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Chyna Talks Porn vs. Wrestling, The McMahons, Kharma-Phoenix

Former WWE diva Chyna was recently interviewed by Brian Socia of The Socia Network (on Philadelphia’s Mix 106.1) and spoke freely about a number of topics, including: – How the porn business and wrestling business relate to each other. – How she got into the wrestling business? – If the Triple H break-up shocked her? – Did he rise to the to b/c he is with the boss’s daughter? – Once Triple H has control of the company, will things change? – Her relationship w/ XPac. – Her views onRead More

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Chris Sabin Cleared To Return, TNA Gut Check Changes, Jeff Jarrett

- TNA is planning on beefing up their Gut Check Challenge program. The next event takes place on April 28th in Wenatchee, Washington.   - Jeff Jarrett recently filmed his scenes for a new movie called Spring Breakers, about four girls from college who rob a restaurant and end up in jail. The movie comes out in 2013 and stars Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and James Franco.   - TNA President Dixie Carter wrote the following about Chris Sabin’s return:   “334 days later, I just received Chris Sabin’s medicalRead More
- Sting turns 53 years old today. – TNA has lost their national DVD distribution deal. Their distribution partner, Navarre, is getting out of the DVD distribution business. TNA is currently looking for a new partner. – Karen and Jeff Jarrett were in Mexico over the weekend for AAA’s Rey de Reyes event. Jarrett dropped the AAA Mega Heavyweight Title to El Mesias in the main event.Read More

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Vince Russo Issues Statement On His Departure From TNA

Vince Russo was scheduled to participate in an interview with next Monday to discuss his departure from TNA Wrestling. The former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, however, decided against doing the interview and issued the following statement to the website regarding his TNA departure: Despite the continuing rumors, speculation, and hearsay surrounding my departure from TNA Wrestling, in an effort to set the record straight, I was not fired, terminated, released, or let go from the company–it was my decision to walk away, and from there the separation was mutual,Read More
Former TNA Wrestling star Jay Lethal knocked his former employer’s visibility Saturday via Twitter, saying that more people recognize him from his appearances on Family Feud than his lengthy run with the wrestling organization. The six-time X Division Champion wrote, “Today just Proved that more people recognize me from Family Feud, than my 6+ year run in TNA.” Bob Ryder, TNA Wrestling’s Director of Talent Bookings and Travel, shot back, “Maybe so….but it was a TNA themed week on Feud, so…….. :)” Jeff Jarrett then added his thoughts on theRead More

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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results For 11/24

Credit to reader Eric for sending in these TNA Impact Wrestling tapings results from Tuesday night. Impact Wrestling: Airing On Thanksgiving (11/24) * They re-taped the James Storm and AJ Styles segment to air on November 17th first. * Matt Morgan and Crimson retained the Tag Titles against Mexican America. * Karen Jarrett comes out with Traci Brooks, Gail Kim and Madison Rayne. Karen calls out the Knockouts roster and announces a Lingerie Match. * Kurt Angle comes out for a promo on James Storm, who eventually came out.Read More

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Jeff Hardy Debuts New Mask, Nexus Star At Impact Tapings, More

- Former WWE Superstar and Nexus member Michael Tarver was backstage at last night’s TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. – Stan sent word that Sunday’s TNA Turning Point pay-per-view had 1 hour and 36 minutes of in-ring action, about the same as the previous pay-per-view. – Jeff Hardy vs. Gunner, with Ric Flair in his corner, will be the main events of this coming weekend’s TNA live events in Mississippi. – Speaking of Jeff Hardy, he debuted a new mask at Sunday’s Turning Point pay-per-view. The mask he woreRead More
Former WWE star Bob “Hardcore” Holly has announced plans for an autobiography, The Hardcore Truth. He promises to share stories no one else will tell. “My book will be different because it’s about my life pre-WWE days and my perspective of the wrestling business,” Holly told SLAM! Wrestling. “I will talk about things no one has dared to talk about. It will be written in a very unique style thanks to Ross Williams who I’ve chosen to write my story. “I believe this book will be an interesting and entertainingRead More

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Rhodes Explains How Savage Walked Away From Wrestling

Dave Meltzer of Yahoo! Sports has an article chronicling Randy Savage’s extraordinary wrestling career and it features behind-the-scenes details on how it came to an end. Savage briefly appeared for TNA Wrestling in late 2004 to feud with Jeff Jarrett. At the December pay-per-view, Turning Point, he was scheduled to partner with Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles in a tag team match against The Kings of Wrestling—Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Savage, who hadn’t wrestled in over four years, flaked out of the match mere minutes before the pay-per-viewRead More

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*Spoilers* TNA Impact Taping Results For 5/19

Thanks to for the following spoilers: * Immortal minus Hulk Hogan come out to begin the show with an in-ring promo. Brian Kendrick interrupts and all the X Division comes out as well. A huge brawl ensues as Fortune hits the ring. * TNA X Division Champion Kazarian vs. Abyss is announced for later tonight as well as Amazing Red vs. Samoa Joe and Generation Me vs. Eric Bischoff & Matt Hardy. * Rosita, Sarita & Madison Rayne vs. TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Mickie James, Tara and Miss TessmacherRead More

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*Spoiler* Two Top Matches For TNA Slammiversary

Coming out of tonight’s iMPACT Wrestling tapings, the top matches for TNA Slammiversary are: – TNA champion Sting vs. Mr. Anderson. – Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett to determine the next number one contender for the TNA title.Read More

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TNA Spoilers: Two Surprise Appearances, Matches for Sacrifice

- Here are some spoiler notes from this week’s TNA iMPACT tapings: * Chris Harris returned to TNA last night and will team with Matt Hardy at TNA Sacrifice to take on Beer Money for the TNA Tag Team Titles. * Chyna indeed made an appearance last night as Kurt Angle’s mistress. She will be teaming with Angle at Sacrifice to take on Karen and Jeff Jarrett in mixed tag action. It’s said that Chyna isn’t as muscular anymore and her past with Jeff Jarrett in WWE was acknowledged. *Read More