AEW Collision Results – January 27, 2024

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means …

All Elite Wrestling returned with their weekly two-hour AEW on TNT Saturday night prime time program, AEW Collision.

Suit Williams and for the following report.


Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli) defeated Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty)

These two teams matched up well style-wise, making for a hard-hitting battle to open the show.

During the BCC entrance, we saw Taylor and Moriarty’s attack on Moxley last night on Rampage. All four men brawled to start, with Moxley diving onto Taylor on the floor. After a few minutes of brawling, Taylor took Moxley down with a punch. Taylor clubbered on Moxley until Moxley avoided a corner charge to tag in Castagnoli.

After a staredown, Castagnoli backed Taylor into the corner with European uppercuts. Castagnoli teased the Giant Swing, but Moriarty ran distraction and allowed Taylor to hit a big knee to Castagnoli. Moxley took Moriarty to the floor, but Taylor sent Moxley into the stairs. Castagnoli got sent over the barricade as STP took control. Taylor dropped a big leg on Castagnoli on the apron as STP isolated Castagnoli in their corner.

Castagnoli heaved Taylor up with a vertical suplex before getting the tag to Moxley. Moriarty tagged in, but Moxley ran wild, taking down Moriarty with an X-Plex. Moriarty tried to take advantage of a momentary Taylor distraction, but Castagnoli took him down and spun him with a Giant Swing. Taylor and Castagnoli traded clotheslines before Castagnoli sent Taylor to the floor.

Moriarty reversed a choke into a European Clutch for a close nearfall, but Moxley kicked out and hit a cutter. Moxley went for the Death Rider, but Moriarty torqued his bad arm and tagged out to Taylor. Taylor went for his big right hand, but Castagnoli stopped him and helped Moxley hit a Hart Attack for a nearfall. Moxley locked on a Rear Naked Choke, and despite Taylor falling to his back, Moxley held on to get the submission win.

Roderick Strong, The Kingdom, & Komander were backstage with Lexy Nair. Strong offered the idea of a five-week International Title reign for Komander – as Strong would win the title at Revolution – and offered his and the Kingdom’s help tonight. Strong forcibly shook Komander’s hand as Komander looked confused.

AEW International Title Match – Orange Cassidy © defeated Komander

A good lucha-style match here that got the crowd more invested as time went on. The story here is that Strong is trying to get the title off of Cassidy for an easier title match at Revolution, but his interference backfired here.

These two started the match off with handshakes before trading quick pin attempts. The two traded Gory Specials, with Cassidy escaping by putting his hands in his pockets. Cassidy took Komander to the floor with a headscissors, but Komander beat Cassidy back into the ring. Cassidy hit a Stundog Millionaire and a tornado DDT to send Komander to the floor before Roderick Strong & The Kingdom made their way to ringside.

After a commercial, Komander hit a reverse springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Kevin Kelly brought up the wrestling history of Shreveport, the area where Collision is tonight, referencing Cowboy Bill Watts and Junkyard Dog. Komander hit a tornado DDT, but Cassidy sent Komander into the corner with a thrust kick. Cassidy fired up with kicks as the announcers wondered if Strong was hoping for Cassidy to lose to avoid having to wrestle him.

Komander feigned a reverse crossbody, then hit a Canadian Destroyer. Komander hit a splash for a nearfall. Komander locked on a standing submission, then hit a pair of running boots when Cassidy fought out. Komander went for another Destroyer, but Cassidy dropped Komander with a Beach Break for a nearfall. Cassidy went to the top rope, but Komander cut him off. The announcers promoted Komander’s ropewalking proficiency, just in time for Komander to hit a step-up hurricanrana off the top rope for a nearfall.

Komander went to the top rope, but Cassidy rolled to the floor. Strong distracted the referee as Komander went for his ropewalk splash, but Komander landed on the Kingdom instead. Komander rolled back into the ring, where Cassidy hit the Orange Punch to retain the title. After the match, Strong held the International Title up to Cassidy but dropped it at his feet instead of handing it to him.

We cut to the back, where Matt Menard called for help for Daniel Garcia, who was writhing on the ground.

In a video from after Wednesday’s Dynamite, Timeless Toni Storm was upset at Deonna Purrazzo’s attack on her butler. Mariah May asked Storm to watch her match on Collision. Storm agreed until she found out that Collision was in Bossier City. Apparently, Storm had some issues with racehorses that left her with a bad reputation.

Mariah May defeated Lady Frost

Both women were impressive here. Frost’s athleticism jumps off the screen, while May has an impact to her work that stands out in this division.

May mocked Frost’s height, leading to the two trading forearms and chops. Frost caught May with a neckbreaker for a nearfall but May took Frost down by the hair before landing a shotgun dropkick. After a commercial, the two traded high-angle German suplexes. Is this Bossier City or the Budokan? Frost cartwheeled into an Air Raid Crash – named the Killer Chill – for a nearfall.

May necked Frost on the ropes before hitting a missile dropkick. Frost avoided a corner charge, landing a kick before cartwheeling into a cannonball. Frost went to the top rope for Frostbite, but May pulled Frost down and hit May Day to score the win.

Swerve Strickland was backstage in a pre-tape. Strickland made his decision for Hangman Page’s opponent for Dynamite, picking his Mogul Embassy teammate Toa Liona. Strickland hyped that Liona had never been pinned in his run in AEW, which I can confirm having watched every ROH episode to date.

After a commercial, Hangman Page was ready for Toa Liona on Wednesday. He didn’t tell Swerve who he would be facing, saying that he would have to wait “the whole f’n show” to find out. Hmm, isn’t that Rob Van Dam’s nickname?

Proving Ground Match – Eddie Kingston defeated Willie Mack

Mack flew at Kingston with a Yakuza Kick at the bell, getting a nearfall with a brainbuster. Mack sent Kingston into the corner before landing a cannonball and a standing moonsault for a nearfall. Mack went for a stunner, but Kingston clawed his way out and laid in strikes to a sitting Mack. Mack came back with a leaping Shining Wizard but favored his knee.

Mack went for a standing Shooting Star Press but didn’t get over at all, landing head-first on Kingston. Everyone was ok, as Kingston avoided a cannonball and landed a suplex for a nearfall. Kingston went for a backdrop driver, but Mack reversed it into a powerbomb for a nearfall. The two traded chops, with Mack cutting it off with a punch. Mack hit an enzuigiri, but Kingston got his knees up on the Six Star Frog Splash. Kingston hit the Uraken backfist for the win.

Bryan Danielson defeated Yuji Nagata

An excellent piece of business here, with a great match that advanced the Danielson/Kingston storyline. Danielson scored a win over a former All Japan Triple Crown Champion and shakes his hand, while simultaneously disrespecting American Triple Crown winner Kingston. It’s another chapter in Kingston’s eternal battle for respect against the Blackpool Combat Club. Kingston was excellent at commentary here, selling his feud with Danielson while giving great color commentary. The match was excellent, as Nagata can still go at the highest of levels.

Danielson made his entrance as Kingston was leaving and made a point to not look at him while walking down the ramp. Kingston joined the commentary desk, calling Danielson’s move “cute.” The crowd was hyped during the opening exchanges. McGuinness put over Nagata’s MMA training while noting that the closest Danielson’s ever been to MMA fighting is getting his hair braided. The two men traded strikes in the corner before Danielson scored a nearfall with a suplex.

Nagata blocked an armbar before rolling to the ropes to break the hold. The crowd chanted for both men as they entered a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock. Nagata drove Danielson to the ropes before wrenching Danielson’s arm as we went to commercial. Danielson dropped Nagata with a low dropkick before peppering his legs with kicks in the corner. On commentary, Kingston noted that Danielson was just trying to get him angry with his antics these past two weeks.

Danielson pulled Nagata to the ringpost and drove his knee into the post. Danielson went to the top rope and hit a shotgun dropkick for a nearfall. Danielson hit the hammer-and-anvil elbows, but Nagata caught the arm and hit an Exploder Suplex. The two men traded uppercuts until Nagata caught Danielson in the Nagata Lock. Danielson reached for Nagata’s leg and locked on a kneebar. Nagata kicked his way free before hitting a Justice Boot in the corner.

Nagata took Danielson to the top rope and fought through Danielson headbutts to hit a superplex for a nearfall. Nagata locked on the Nagata Lock, then transitioned to a Fujiwara armbar. Nagata rolled his eyes to the back of his head, but Danielson got to the ropes. Danielson fought out of the backdrop driver and hit a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. The two men traded kicks until Danielson feigned low and went high. Danielson led the YES chants before hitting the Busaiku Knee for the win.

After the match, Danielson shook Nagata’s hand as the announcers noted that Danielson beat a former All Japan Triple Crown Champion. When he got to the top of the ramp, Danielson flipped Kingston the bird to laughter from the Continental Crown Champion.

FTR was at the trainer’s room with Lexy Nair. They didn’t have any update on Daniel Garcia’s status but would fight at a handicap if necessary. Mark Briscoe walked up and offered his partnership if Garcia couldn’t go. FTR left the decision up to the doctors and Garcia, but let Briscoe know that he was in if Garcia was out.

Brian Cage was backstage with Renee Paquette. Cage was upset at losing both of his Trios Title matches and was annoyed at everyone talking about the FTW Champion Hook. Cage said that he put the FTW Title on the map and said that Hook was the size of his smaller leg. Hook entered the scene and offered Cage a title shot whenever he wanted.

Serena Deeb defeated Robyn Renegade

Deeb showed no signs of rust here, as the video packages did a successful job of re-introducing her to the AEW audience.

The crowd chanted Welcome Back to Deeb as the two locked up. Deeb took Renegade down to the mat and locked on a single-leg crab that forced Renegade to the ropes. Renegade got a Full Nelson on, but Deeb escaped and tagged Renegade with a slap. Deeb hit a neckbreaker in the ropes, then followed with one in the ring. Deeb hit the Detox before locking on the Serenity Lock for the win.

After the match, Deeb got on the mic and said that it felt damn good to be back in the ring. She came back to elevate the division, put the wrestling back in All Elite Wrestling, and to become a champion. She put the locker room on notice that The Professor was back.

We got a video package hyping CMLL stars Volador Jr, Mistico, Mascara Dorada, & Hechicero, as they would be in action next Friday on Rampage.

FTR made their entrance for the main event. Mark Briscoe came out to be their partner, but the lights cut out. When they came up, the House of Black was attacking Briscoe. King threw Briscoe off the stage into a table. FTR charged up the ramp and brawled with the House of Black as the bell rang.

Escape The Cage Elimination Match – Daniel Garcia & FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated The House Of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews & Malakai Black)

A fantastic main event. The drama and tension built throughout the match, as the babyface team fought together and rallied to get the win. The story throughout this feud was FTR and Garcia winning when the odds were even, but always left lying when the full House of Black was in tow. The odds were made even here, as the interference of Hart was offset by Mark Briscoe coming back in the nick of time. The escape the cage element made me scratch my head when it was announced, but it allowed Daniel Garcia to be the one to clinch the win in a great touch. A stellar episode of Collision.

All five men brawled on the outside, with weapons coming out and referees getting knocked down. Both Wheeler and Harwood got sent into the cage, with King crushing Wheeler against the barricade. Black was going to hit Harwood with a chair, but Daniel Garcia came out with a chair. Garcia laid into all three men with a chair, but Black back body dropped Garcia on the ramp. The House brought Garcia and Harwood into the ring and stomped on both men, but Wheeler dove off the cage into the ring onto the House as we went to a commercial.

After the match, all six men brawled in the ring. Harwood hit Black with a main event spinebuster. Wheeler ran into a Black Hole Slam from King. Matthews and Black sent Garcia into the cage before sending him into a forearm from King. They did the same thing to Harwood before rising up the cage. Garcia and FTR pulled them back down.

They pinballed all three members into the cage. FTR went to leave, but Garcia said that they weren’t done with them yet. Garcia locked Matthews in the Dragon Slayer as FTR hit Black with the Shatter Machine. King took both men down with a double clothesline before FTR repeatedly sent him into the cage. We got a move train that ended with Harwood hitting a brainbuster on Black. Harwood went to make the climb, but King fought up. King went to climb, but Harwood took him down with a modified back suplex. Harwood went to leave through the door as the announcers noted that leaving the cage meant that you could not re-enter the ring. King speared the door into Harwood before both men fell to the floor. The match continued, as it is the first team with all three men out of the cage that wins the match.

After a commercial, we got a Powerplex from Garcia and Wheeler on Black. Matthews hit a Meteora on Garcia that sent him into the other two. Matthews and Wheeler climbed to the top rope, where Matthews dropped Wheeler crotch-first onto the ropes. Matthews climbed up, but Wheeler followed. Both men climbed to the outside, where Matthews drove Wheeler’s head into the cage until Wheeler fell through a table at ringside.

Black told Matthews to climb back into the ring to leave Garcia for dead, but Garcia sent Black into the cage, which sent Matthews to the floor through another table. Black and Garcia were the last men in the ring, and after stopping each other from escaping, Garcia locked Black in an ankle lock. Black sent Garcia into the cage with a boot, but Garcia came back with a lariat. Garcia climbed up, but Julia Hart climbed the cage and spat the mist in Garcia’s face.

Black nonchalantly went to leave, but Garcia told Black to finish the job. Black kicked the chair away from Garcia and went to hit the Black Mass, but Garcia ducked it and hit a piledriver on the chair. Garcia went to climb out as Black crawled to the door. Black was almost out of the door when Mark Briscoe slammed the door in his face. Garcia made it to the floor to score the win for his team.