AEW Collision Results – March 9, 2024

AEW Collision returns on TNT at 8/7c tonight from Duluth, GA. with a taped show.

On tap for tonight’s taped show is The House of Black vs. Mark Briscoe, Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal in an Atlanta Street Fight, Chris Jericho vs. Titan, Mariah May vs. Trish Adora, Bryan Danielson vs. Shane Taylor, Mistico vs. Angelico, “Timeless” Toni Storm presents the first-ever ‘Toni Award’ winner, plus the debut of the new version of The Elite with Kazuchika Okada and The Young Bucks.


Match #1. Shane Taylor w/ Lee Moriarty vs. Bryan Danielson
Taylor tosses Danielson a few times but it’s Danielson’s leg kicks vs. Taylor’s hands here. Left hook drops Danielson and a huge chop in the corner by Taylor. Another HUGE chop. Danielson fights back with some roundhouse kicks but Taylor returns fire. Low kick and chop combos by Danielson seem to stagger Taylor, as Danielson grabs a single leg and works the knee. Running dropkick to the knee by Danielson and some more chops in the corner. Taylor fires some strikes back and sends Danielson to the outside, where he gets dropped head-first on the apron. Knees by Taylor back inside the ring send Danielson stumbling back to the corner. Moriarty chokes Danielson as Taylor distracts the referee, and then continues to squash Danielson with a leg drop on the apron. Taylor now badmouthing Danielson, reminding him that he chose to stomp the face of his friend Lee Moriarty when they fought. Danielson backflips over Taylor and hits a dropkick to the knee. Taylor misses an avalanche in the corner and Danielson wraps his knee around the post a few times. Shotgun dropkick by Danielson but Taylor doesn’t go down. Leg kicks by Danielson and Taylor is reeling. Taylor drops to a knee and Danielson follows up with the YES kicks and a high kick. One count! Running dropkick in the corner by Danielson. Two. Third one is countered with a huge left-arm lariat! Two count. Taylor struggles to his feet on the injured knee and eats a few stiff elbows but counters with a huge headbutt. Chokeslam by Taylor and the big splash! Two count. Taylor misses a corner cannonball but catches a Busaiku Knee! Taylor tries for a powerslam but Danielson gets free and connects with two head kicks. Danielson ducks a pair of lariats and hits the Busaiku Knee! One, two, three!

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After the match, Will Ospreay’s music hits and he shares the ring with Bryan Danielson! Ospreay grabs a mic and asks for one for Danielson. Ospreay wants a round of applause for both guys and says Danielson is still performing at the highest of levels. The fans chant for Ospreay, who says Danielson is the bar around here, and an inspiration. Ospreay thanks Danielson for everything he’s done in wrestling.


You, ya cheeky little slag, Danielson. You interrupted Ospreay on Dynamite, and maybe, just maybe, Danielson wants to ask Ospreay something. Danielson that’s half right, he’s got something he wants to ask Ospreay, and something he wants to say to him. Firstly, welcome to AEW! Danielson saw the match with Takeshita at Revolution, and not only did he win, but it’s one of the best matches Danielson’s ever seen. Danielson also listened to the media scrum, where Ospreay says he wants to prove he’s the best wrestler in the world. Danielson wants to give Ospreay the chance to prove it. Danielson vs. Ospreay at AEW Dynasty on April 21st?

“Yes, bruv.”

Book it, baby.

Match #2. The Elite vs. Jon Cruz, Liam Gray, Adrian Alanis
Okada with a flap jack to Cruz. Alanis is in now with some elbows to Okada but he eats a dropkick. Gray is in now and he fires in some right hands but Okada eats them and it’s the RAINMAKERRRR.

Winners: The Elite

Eddie Kingston charges the ring and gets beat down by The Elite. Penta is here! Slingblades to both Bucks but Okada catches him with the over the shoulder neckbreaker.

PAC IS BACK! Pack charges the ring and dropkicks both Bucks and squares off with Okada! “Holy S” chants ring out throughout the arena as Pac hits a German on Okada. The Bucks pull Okada to safety.

The Bastard is back! Next week, six-man tag! Penta, Pac, and Kingston vs. The Elite!

Match 3: Mariah May vs. Trish Adora
Arm ringers by Adora and a pair of hip tosses. Roll up gets a quick two. May responds with a shotgun dropkick and a baseball slide through the ropes. May throws Adora into the guardrail on the outside as we go to commercial. Back from commercial and Adora is firing up with double axe handles and a pump kick. Running senton by Adora gets two. German suplex with a bridge gets another two count for Adora. Jaw breaker by Adora but May responds with a headbutt and a sliding knee to the face. MayDay finishes this one.

Winner: Mariah May

Toni Storm is here to present the first ever Toni Award. Mariah May wins and Storm walks to the ring to present the award, but Deonna Purrazzo is here and attacks Storm. May is here to make the save and DDT Purrazzo on the ramp!

Match #4. Nick Wayne w/ The Patriarchy vs. Adam Priest
Pair of shoulder blocks by Wayne but he runs into a back elbow. European uppercut by Priest and a chop, but he gets sent out to the floor. Wayne follows up with a running boot on the floor as Killswitch and everyone else look on. Killswitch distracts Priest, allowing Wayne to hit a cartwheel kick on the apron and a Fisherman’s Buster back inside the ring. Enziguiri by Wayne and he follows up with Wayne’s World for the win.

Winner: Nick Wayne

Christian gets grabbed by a “fan” wearing a gold mask (throwback!) and it turns out to be Adam Copeland! Copeland pulls Christian into the crowd and boots Wayne before diving on everyone. Wayne pulls out a briefcase and shows it to Christian, but the fans can’t see it. Christian sees whatever it is, stops in his tracks, and retreats. Copeland lays the TNT Championship on the briefcase and takes the mic. Cope vs. Cage 3: I Quit!

Lexi Nair is in the back with Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal, and everyone. Jarrett wants Briscoe to trust he wants to win tonight, and Lethal wants everyone to trust him.

Match #5. “Lionheart” Chris Jericho vs. Titan
Hard chops by both guys. Double jump rope walk huricanrana by Titan and a tope suicida. Spinning back kick by Titan and an awkward moment where both guys don’t know who’s going into the ring steps, but Jericho winds up eating them shoulder-first. Both guys on the top rope now as Jericho brings Titan in with an avalance facebuster. Two count as Titan gets his foot on the rope. Catapult underneath the bottom rope by Jericho. Titan side steps a charging Jericho and sends him to the floor. Tope con hilo by Titan and an outside-in double stomp gets two. Jericho counters into a double underhook back breaker that gets two. FU by Jericho but he misses the Lionsault. Titan hits the ropes but runs into a right hand, however he holds on and counters with a Tornado DDT. Two count. Titan removes the elbow sleeve and heads up top. Coup de’ Gras by Titan! One, two, no! Titan looks for a leg lace-like finisher but Jericho rolls through and tries for the Walls of Jericho, but Titan counters for two. Springboard by Titan but Jericho hits the Code Breaker out of mid-air! Two count. Titan limbos a Judas Effect and Titan connects with a hook kick. Spinning Death Valley Driver by Titan gets two. Another double jump rope-walk hurricanrana by Titan, but Jericho holds on, steps through, and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Titan taps!

Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, the Gates of Agony hit the ring and assault Jericho! Hook’s music hits and he makes the save for Jericho, kendo stick in hand.

Tony Schiavone welcomes FTR to the ring. Cash says they’re going to dust themselves off and move forward, especially since this year marks their 10th year as a team. There’s an AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament around the corner, and FTR are throwing their names in the hat. Dax says Collision has been built on the back of tag team wrestling, and it would be easy to say FTR are firing on all cylinders… but they’re not. Dax doesn’t even know if FTR should be in the tournament, but they’re going to give every ounce of energy they’ve got. FTR wants to be the first ever three-time world tag team champs… Top Guys… out!

The Infantry’s music hit. Interesting. The most handsome, flyest, coolest, most handsome tag team, there is. “The Captain” Shawn Dean. “Bad News and Tattoos” Carlie Bravo. The cap don’t cap, baby. Dean says he respects everything FTR has done in AEW, and, may the best team win. Dean says they’re coming for both of FTR’s spots, and they’re going to give AEW a… revival. Oh yeahhhh. Dax says that’s cute, but The Revival is dead, and if FTR meets The Infantry in the tournament, then they will be too.

Match #6. Angelico w/ Serpentico vs. Mistico
Both men trade arm ringers and leg trip to start. Arm drags by Mistico and Angelico takes a time out. Hangspring back elbow by Mistico as we head to a commercial break. Back from break as Mistico takes Angelico over with an inside-out tieres. Tiger Feint Kick by Mistico and a springboard dropkick. Suicide dive takes out Serpentico on the far side of the ring and a baseball slide to Angelico. Plancha by Mistico into a hurricanrana on the floor. Twisting body press back inside the ring from the apron by Mistico. Mistico heads up top for a swanton and nails it. Two count. Mistico misses a moonsault and lands on his feet. Angelico rolls him up with a majistral cradle for two. Mistico gets a two count of his own with the same. Clothesline in the corner by Angelico and a high kick. Rebound kick by Mistico and both men are down. Around the world tieres by Mistico but Angelico holds on and cradle him for two. Mistico tries again and locks in La Mistica, forcing Angelico to tap.

Winner: Mistico

Match #7. Street Fight: House of Black vs. Mark Briscoe, Jay Lethal, & Jeff Jarrett
The good guys are dressed in street clothes here, very NWA, very cool. Fight starts early as Lethal hits a suicide dive on Black and Briscoe comes off the apron with a Cactus Elbow! Briscoe gets some chairs, tables, and anything else he can find. Chops by Brody to Lethal and he charges Lethal in the corner but misses and eats steel chair. Jarrett with a chair to the back of Brody as Briscoe sets up the table. Lethal sets a chair up and springs off of it, only to eat a big elbow by Brody. Brody then decimates Lethal with a crossbody through a table. Matthews and Briscoe are on the turnbuckle on the other side, fighting over a table. Matthews look for a suplex to the floor but Briscoe fights him off. Brody throws Briscoe off the top but he misses the table and lands FLAT on the pile of chairs! Leg drop by Black inside the ring to the back of Briscoe’s head, on a chair. Two count. Brody looks to powerbomb Jarrett through a table at ringside, but Matthews tells him to wait, and he finds some lighter fluid! Matthews and Black try to set the table on fire, but Sonjay hits Black with a guitar in the back. Matthews sends Sonjay up the ramp but he’s confronted by Julia Hart, who’s got a can of gasoline. Matthews pours the gasoline on Sonjay, but here’s Karen Jarrett to low blow Matthews and Sonjay pounces Matthews off the stage. Low blow by Julia to Sonjay and the mist to Karen! Lethal and Jarrett have the upper hand on Brody now, back inside the ring. Running single leg drop kick and a Russian Leg Sweep combo now. Brody and Lethal fight to the apron, as both men trade hard elbows. Lethal goes to the eyes and tries to lift Brody up, but Brody fights out and chokes Lethal unconscious before dropping him. Jarrett cracks Brody with the guitar and he falls backwards through the table, but Black is here with Black Mass to Jarrett! Black has the spike and looks for Briscoe, but Briscoe blocks it. Jay Driller! Briscoe has the spike but Julia grabs Briscoe’s ankle. Briscoe frees himself and sets up a chair before diving to the outside, but he gets caught by Matthews and Black! Powerbomb on the apron! Julia sets the table on fire and Black and Matthews powerbomb him through it! Briscoe gets rolled in the ring and the House of Black get the win.

Winners: House of Black

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