AEW Dynamite Review – April 10, 2024

AEW Dynamite Review – April 10, 2024

Non Title Match
AEW World Champion Samoa Joe vs. Dustin Rhodes

If Rhodes wins he gets a AEW World Title Match.

As Samoa Joe was making his way down for the opening match against Dustin Rhodes he got attacked from behind by Swerve Strickland.

Joe quickly turned it on Strickland and set up a table against the barricade but Strickland reversed him and speared Joe right through the table.

Winner: No One (Match Never Got Started)

We cut to Renee Paquette in the back with an update on Orange Cassidy after Trent Beretta turned on him last week. Paquette gives word that Cassidy will have a match this Friday on Rampage and will have words on what Beretta did to him.

TNT Title Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. Pentagon Jr

Pentagon Jr hits a sling blade and a diving foot stomp for back 2 back two counts.

Pentagon sends Adam Copeland to the outside with a clothesline where he regroups for a bit.

Pentagon stays on top of Copeland with chops against the ropes as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Copeland stops Pentagon with a couple of headscissors and grounds him down before Pentagon escapes with a headstand and a thrust kick for two.

Copeland leap frogs Pentagon a bunch before they trade headscissors and clotheslines that knock each other down. While on their knees they trade chops.

Pentagon takes out Copeland on the outside with a dive as Bryce Remsburg starts counting them both out with Copeland just making it in before the 10 count.

Pentagon keeps working on Copeland’s neck as we go to another picture in picture.

After the 2nd break Pentagon hits a backstabber for a two count as Copeland looks fatigued but Copeland is able to come back with an electric chair drop before putting on Edgecator.

Pentagon escapes and hits a stalling dropkick in the corner for two.

Pentagon tries to work on Copeland’s arm but he quickly reverses it in the Crossface but Pentagon is able to get his foot on the bottom rope to break it up.

Pentagon tries to slingshot off the corner onto the apron but Copeland is there to stop him with a boot.

They go back & forth on the apron before Copeland catches Pentagon into a powerslam.

On the outside Alex Abrahantes gets in the way and gets a spear from Copeland for his troubles.

Back inside they go to the top rope where Pentagon hits an avalanche Code Red for a two count.

Pentagon snaps back Copeland’s arm but only gets a two.

Pentagon goes for Fear Factor but Copeland escapes and catches Pentagon off the ropes right into a spear for the win.

Winner & Still TNT Champion: Adam Copeland (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

After the match the lights go out to turn on as TBS Champion Julia Hart is in front of Copeland distracting him as Brody King attacks Copeland from behind. King keeps stomping out Copeland in the corner before putting in a chokehold. As Julia Hart is about to attack Copeland, Willow Nightingale runs out and attacks Hart but King pulls her away. Copeland takes out Brody as Copeland & Nightingale stand tall.

Renee Paquette is in the back with LionHook & Katsuyori Shibata ahead of their match tonight and asks FTW Champion Hook about their strategy tonight. Chris Jericho interrupts and says their strategy is very simple as the camera keeps cutting in and out to Jericho. Jericho tells Hook & Shibata to listen to him and if they breathe the rarified air of Jericho there is nothing but success for their future, as they all say bet. Shibata’s phone says What is his deal before saying I like your necklace to Paquette.

After the break Renee Paquette is in the back with Mark Briscoe & Eddie Kingston and asks how they are feeling after their match and before they have to team up for Dynasty.

Briscoe says he feels amazing but in pain as Kingston says he feels beat up as well but this is pro wrestling and not ballet. Adam Copeland walks in out of breath and asks if they are good for Dynasty. Stokely Hathaway says that Copeland should put his TNT Title against Willow Nightingale but Nightingale says that’s not her idea and she & Copeland suggest he & Nightingale team up against Brody King & Julia Hart next week. Hathaway tries to apologize for past words to Kingston about him smelling like Burger King & Newport but he walks away.

We cut to Young Bucks in the back but before they cut to the footage they talk about the upcoming finals between them and FTR and talk about the last time they wrestled was at All In and having wounds being opened up and now being the perfect time to talk about it.

They talk about being a part of the biggest event ever and a lot of fans and critics say whoever wins that match will be coined as the greatest tag team of this generation but right before that match, there was an incident backstage involving 2 individuals.

The 1st is Jack Perry, and they call him a loveable kid and say he reminds them of themselves.

They start talking about the other individual who tried to make this entire show about himself and this individual is good friends with FTR and says they might be the masterminds behind this whole thing.

Matt Jackson says Nick Jackson can’t start rumors and said this incident through them off their game. They talk about having no time to hydrate or pray and even though FTR beat Young Bucks, there should be a giant asterisk next to the victory.

They talk about the footage resembling a high school scrap and talk about the ramifications that came out of the incident and it threatened to take down their biggest show of all time but they are lucky it didn’t. They roll to the footage as we see CM Punk & Jack Perry get in each other’s faces.

We see Punk push Perry before they get separated by Samoa Joe and others including Chris Hero & Malakai Black being seen there. As Hook and others are holding back Perry.

We cut back to Young Bucks as they talk about how they have created a wrestling show just to be distracted by something so stupid and at the end FTR had the balls to shake their hands. At Dynasty, they aren’t shaking hands and they tell them to be ready.

FTR promptly heads to the ring as Cash Wheeler asks why they even showed this and says he is sick and tired of hearing and talking about this and everybody back there is ready to move on and put this in the past. Wheeler says at Dynasty they have to beat Young Bucks because he is sick of the petty little b*tches.

Dax Harwood says those are their bosses and every interview Young Bucks have had, they let everybody know without them hundreds of people wouldn’t have a job and AEW wouldn’t exist.

Harwood says without the Young Bucks he might still be shaving Wheeler’s back but because of them they have now eclipsed them as the best tag team on this planet and at one time the Young Bucks cared about AEW.

They talk about continuing to build this place for the future of professional wrestling and every single man and woman who goes every day to work, week in and week out spending their money on one ticket to get lost in their drama.

Harwood says they are doing this for the fans and if the Young Bucks don’t want to be part of that, they can grab their ball and go home.

Harwood continues saying this is about the AEW World Tag Team Titles and 1 team can walk out calling themselves the best tag team in the world and the 1st ever 3x AEW World Tag Team Champions and even though the Bucks build this, they put the roof on the house just to blow it back off.

After the break, Renee Paquette is on the stage and brings out Will Ospreay & he said Tony Khan gave him 5 minutes since TV is expensive.

Ospreay talks about a rumor that he’s afraid of the grind and he has no idea where this conversation has come from as he is traveling back & forth from the UK to America every single week and delivering some of the best professional wrestling matches this world has seen.

Normally he wouldn’t talk about this and brings up the person was grinding against the boss daughter’ and talks about this being a warning.

Ospreay talks about being faster and stronger than Bryan Danielson but the only way to stop him is to ground him.

Ospreay says younger and better men have tried and fallen but yet he is Bryan Danielson and he’s a living legend in this game.

Ospreay can’t call himself the best wrestler in the world until he beats Danielson and it’s about time he shows everyone why he is the ace of AEW and Danielson will find out at Dynasty that he’s on another level.

We see a video from Julia Hart who talks about Willow Nightingale having a spark in her but a single spark can start a fire.

Hart says she will pull back Nightingale’s mask and it will show more than smiles and rainbows.

She talks about Nightingale envying her and she will kill her spark turn her smile into a frown and make sure she never touches her crown.

She is the princess of the Black Throne, keeper of secrets and it is her destiny to stay the TBS Champion.

Trios Match
FTW Champion Hook, Chris Jericho & Katsuyori Shibata vs. Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Lee Moriarty & Anthony Ogogo) 

Chris Jericho & Anthony Ogogo start the match but he quickly tags out to Lee Moriarty.

Jericho keeps Moriarty in the corner where he hits a hurricanrana and tags out to Katsuyori Shibata.

Shibata starts kicking away at Moriarty but he rolls away and tags out to Shane Taylor.

Hook tags in and starts punching away at Taylor before getting distracted by Ogogo giving Taylor the opportunity to take control as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Hook takes out Taylor with a German suplex and makes the tag out to Shibata as Jericho seems distracted.

Shibata attacks Moriarty in the corner with boots, uppercuts and chops before hitting a dropkick in the corner.

After a bit of back & forth Shibata takes Jericho inadvertently off the apron with a boot.

As Shibata goes to tag out to Hook, Jericho pulls Hook off the apron and tells him that he has to learn from him as they start arguing back & forth.

In the ring Shibata puts Moriarty in a sleeper but Taylor knocks out Shibata with a right hook. Moriarty counters Shibata with The Fang to get the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions

After the match Hook starts yelling at Jericho to get out of the ring and says he’s done enough tonight. Hook goes to help up Shibata as Jericho starts walking to the back in disappointment.

Renee Paquette is in the back with Dustin Rhodes and says AEW World Champion Samoa Joe is still medically cleared to compete tonight and asks if this changes Rhodes strategy at all. Rhodes says it doesn’t and he has nothing to lose and everything to gain and right now he believes the time for talking is over.

Non Title Match
Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada vs. Cristiano Argento 

Cristiano Argento starts by trying to smack away at Kazuchika Okada but Okada quickly knocks him down and nonchalantly looks into the crowd as if he’s bored.

Argento tries to chop away but Okada stops him off the ropes with a dropkick follow by Rainmaker for the win.

Winner: Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada 

After the match Okada gets on the mic and says he accepts PAC’s challenge and he will see him at Dynasty. PAC comes out and angrily cusses his way to the ring but Young Bucks run out from behind and attack him. Okada sends PAC into the Bucks who take him out with a double superkick. As The Elite are continuing the crowd chants CM Punk but FTR runs out instead and takes out The Elite but before they can hit Shatter Machine on Matt Jackson, Okada takes them out with a chair. Young Bucks take out FTR with EVP Trigger as Okada takes out PAC with a chair shot to the head.

We go backstage to the Bang Bang Gang who recap what they have been up to including crushing Darby Allin’s dream, defending the ROH 6 Man Tag Team Titles and Jay White putting the biggest and baddest beatdown on Billy Gunn and he wants to do it again on Rampage but not with Billy and tells The Gunns to find him someone to fight.

Renee Paquette is on the stage and brings out Thunder Rosa & Women’s Champion Toni Storm for a champagne toast. Paquette tells Storm to toast away but she just tosses the champagne in Rosa’s face and starts attacking her including a shot with the trey. Storm starts wiping Rosa’s facepaint off but Deonna Purrazzo runs out to chase her away. As Purrazzo tries to help Rosa she pushes her off and Purrazzo says f*ck you and walks off.

Mariah May vs. Anna Jay

Mariah May & Anna Jay starts the match locking up and circling the ring before they start trading chops.

Jay goes into her forearms but May trips her up before missing and getting hit with a neckbreaker by Jay.

May puts Jay on the top rope and hits a double chop before hitting a handstand headscissors.

May starts choking Jay against the ropes but Jay comes right back with a draping neckbreaker.

May knocks Jay to the outside as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Jay dodges a hip attack from May and hits a spinning heel kick to May in the corner places her on the top rope and hits an Iconoclasm for a two count.

May dodges Jay in the corner goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick followed by the hip attack for two.

Jay stays in control and goes for pin attempts but as she gets frustrated May reverses her into a roll up for the win.

Winner: Mariah May

After the match Jay attacks her from behind and puts on Queen Slayer. Mina Shirakawa’s music hits as she runs out to save May. Shirakawa gets two glasses of champagne and pours one down May’s mouth before giving her a kiss as they both share a toast.

Alex Marvez has a sit down interview with Mercedes Mone’ & she talks about facing whoever the TBS Champion is at Double or Nothing. Mone’ talks about being a history maker and game changer as money changes everything. Marvez talks about Julia Hart vs. Willow Nightingale at Dynasty as Mone says she can’t wait to watch that match Hart is so mysterious and unpredictable but Nightingale is a force to be reckoned with. Mone’ talks about almost a year ago losing the match against Nightingale and getting injured, and losing the chance to be the 1st ever NJPW Strong Women’s Champion. Mone says she has a plan and is on a mission and when asked who she’d rather face the lights go out as Mercedes gets mysteriously attacked.

Non Title Match
AEW World Champion Samoa Joe vs. Dustin Rhodes

If Rhodes wins he gets a AEW World Title Match.

Samoa Joe & Dustin Rhodes take it to the corner right away before Joe sends Rhodes to the outside and into the barricade.

Rhodes sends Joe back into the ring and attacks him in the corner but Joe stops him with a headbutt as they go back to the outside.

We see that Rhodes is busted open on his forehead as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Joe goes to cover Rhodes but he kicks out at two. Rhodes is able to stop Joe off the ropes with a powerslam as both men slowly get to their feet and trade punches.

Rhodes hits Dusty Elbow followed by Code Red for a two count.

Rhodes continues with the 10 punches in the corner and tries the bulldog but Joe gets out and hits a hard lariat that sends Rhodes spilling to the outside.

Rhodes grabs the AEW World Title but the referee warns him he will get disqualified for using it.

Rhodes puts it down and knocks Joe down with a boot followed by Cross Rhodes for a two count.

Joe stops Rhodes in the corner with an STO and grabs the chain that he took from Swerve Strickland.

The referee takes it away as Joe hits Rhodes with the AEW World Title for the win.

Winner: AEW World Champion Samoa Joe (Since Rhodes lost he doesn’t get a AEW World Title Match)

After the match Joe puts the Coquina Clutch on Rhodes as Swerve Strickland runs in and breaks it up with House Call. Strickland wraps the chain around his fist and knocks out Joe with it. Strickland goes to attack Joe again but security and members of the roster run out to keep them apart. Prince Nana hands Swerve the AEW World Title as Joe is enraged at Strickland holding it up to close out this weeks Dynamite.

Friday’s Rampage

Orange Cassidy vs. Alex Reynolds

TBS Title Open House Match
Julia Hart (c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Angelo Parker vs. Zak Knight

Jay White vs. Matt Sydal

Saturday’s Collision

Tag Team Match
The Don Callis Family (Powerhouse Hobbs & Kyle Fletcher) vs. Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson)

Non Title Match
Women’s Champion Toni Storm vs. AZM (If AZM wins she gets a Women’s Title Match)

Lee Moriarty vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Battle Of The Belts 10 Card (April 13th)

Non Title Match
International Champion Roderick Strong vs. Rocky Romero (If Romero wins he gets a International Title Match)

FTW Title Match
Hook (c) vs. Shane Taylor

Next Week’s Dynamite

Mixed Tag Team Match
TNT Champion Adam Copeland & Willow Nightingale vs. House Of Black (TBS Champion Julia Hart & Brody King)