AEW Dynamite Review – May 22, 2024

AEW Dynamite Review – May 22, 2024

Tag Team Match
International Champion Roderick Strong & Trent Beretta vs. Will Ospreay & Orange Cassidy

Roderick Strong & Will Ospreay starts the match as Orange Cassidy runs to Trent Beretta and starts brawling with him on the outside before Ospreay dives to Beretta on the outside and Cassidy dives inside to Strong before diving right back out to Beretta.

Strong stays in control of Ospreay in the corner with chops.

Cassidy gets the tag in and takes out Beretta on the apron before going after Strong.

Beretta goes to piledriver Cassidy on the steel steps again but Ospreay is able to stop it.

Both teams start brawling on the outside as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Cassidy scoop over to Ospreay before kipping up and tagging out.

Ospreay hits a double springboard PK to Beretta & Strong before Beretta is able to knock Ospreay down with a release half & half suplex.

Strong stays on top of Ospreay until Ospreay powerbombs Strong followed by Leap Of Faith and an elbow drop from Cassidy for two.

Cassidy sets up for Orange Punch but Beretta holds on to his leg.

Strong takes advantage as they go to the top rope before Ospreay & Beretta join them.

Ospreay lands on his feet as all 4 men start going at it.

Beretta goes to take the turnbuckle pad of  but Bryce Remsburg stops him.

As the referee is distracted Don Callis runs out and helps Cassidy by holding onto his leg and not getting hit with End Of Heartache.

Matt Taven & Mike Bennett get taken out and dove onto by Ospreay before Wardlow runs out and attacks Ospreay from behind.

Back in the ring Cassidy misses Orange Punch and gets a knee strike by Beretta followed by End Of Heartache by Strong for the win.

Winners: International Champion Roderick Strong & Trent Beretta 

After the match Undisputed Kingdom & Beretta continue to attack Cassidy & Ospreay including knocking out Ospreay with the International Title. Callis goes to check on Cassidy, but Beretta tells him to stay back. Ospreay is busted open as Strong yells that he will never have his International Title and Beretta has Cassidy in a Gogplata on the outside.

We go to AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks in the back with security with signs that say Darby Allin is barred from the building and tell security to get a good look at him and to not let him in the building. Sonjay Dutt walks in and says Young Bucks are taking care of problems like the FTR and tonight Satnam Singh is going to destroy Bryan Danielson. Matthew Jackson says it’s cool if he beats him but it’ll be great if he hurts him. Dutt tells them to put some rupees in the envelope because he’s going to break Danielson like a pencil. Matthew keeps yelling at people to tuck their shirts on before calling to move to the next segment.

Trios Champions Bang Bang Gang comes to the ring and plays to the crowd for a bit before Jay White addresses PAC and asks how to even pronounce his name. White says PAC made three mistakes including not running away from them and looking at them with his face. Mistake #2 was PAC sticking his bastard nose in his match with Rocky Romero but mistake #3 was the biggest mistake of all by begging them to make him care so they gave him something to care about. We hear someone even audibly shouting Who wrote this shit? but they get interrupted by PAC who says 3 on 1 isn’t exactly fair, before introducing his amigos as the Death Triangle make their way out and going after Bang Bang Gang in the ring. They chase them away before PAC gets on the mic and challenges them to the Trios Titles for this Sunday.

FTW Title #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match
Hook vs. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Bryan Keith

Hook, Katsuyori Shibata & Bryan Keith go after each other before Keith knocks Hook into Shibata knocking him to the outside.

Hook goes for Redrum but Shibata joins in before it gets broken up with a lawbreaker.

All 3 men get knocked down as we go to picture in picture break.

After the break Shibata is going after both men with dropkicks in the corners.

Keith backs into the corner to break up a Redrum attempt from Hook before headbutting him in the corner and hitting Diamond Dust.

Shibata is right there to stop him with a PK followed by a neckbreaker.

Shibata puts on the Figure 4 with a heel hook but Hook joins in and puts Keith in the Redrum as Keith taps out.

Winners By Submission & #1 Contender To The FTW Title: Hook & Katsuyori Shibata

After the match FTW Champion Chris Jericho gets on the mic and agrees with the crowd to let them fight and says he got on the mic to get more camera time and calls this an interesting call by Rick Knox as it makes his job a lot harder at Double Or Nothing. Jericho says he’s proud of them for being part of the Jericho Vortex and learning from the Learning Tree. Jericho says he’s the longest reigning For The World Champion and says it’ll be the 1st ever Triple Threat match for this FTW Title at Double Or Nothing.

We get a video package hyping up the TBS Title match with highlights of their feud.

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Matt Sydal

Konosuke Takeshita goes right after Matt Sydal with a brainbuster and stomps.

Sydal comes right back with a DDT and heads to the top rope but Takeshita is able to dodge him and hits Blue Thunder Bomb as Don Callis tells him to finish it.

Takeshita hits a right forearm to put Sydal away.

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita

After the match Takeshita helps Sydal up just to take him right back down with a release German suplex. Takeshita keeps attacking Sydal as Jon Moxley’s music and he enters the ring with a microphone as Callis runs off. Instead of saying anything Moxley knocks Takeshita down with the mic and says he will see him at Double Or Nothing and leaves right through the crowd again.

We go back to Young Bucks who say they know Darby Allin is watching tonight but he’s still banned from the arena. AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland is seen sitting at their seat as they play buddy buddy with him and ask if he’s seen Allin. Strickland rips up the paper and says he hasn’t seen him before Young Bucks ask to play Strickland’s music for his match.

Non Title Match
AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland vs. Nick Wayne

Nick Wayne starts the match by running in and out of the ring from Swerve Strickland but he eventually catches him on the outside as they start brawling.

Strickland says he will be Wayne’s father and starts whipping him with his belt.

They end up back inside before Wayne knocks Strickland off the apron with a dropkick followed by a PK off the apron.

He tries a moonsault but gets caught by Strickland but Wayne comes right back with a DDT on the outside as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Wayne sends Strickland to the outside but Strickland jumps back on the apron where he hits a back suplex to Wayne on it.

Strickland follows this with Swerve Stomp off the apron then tries Swerve Stomp back inside but Wayne gets his boot up and goes for a couple of pin attempts including a Code Red for a two count.

Strickland comes back with a backbreaker and a powerslam before apologizing to Wayne as he hits House Call for the win.

Winner: AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland

After the match Killswitch shows up and attacks Strickland from behind. Christian Cage & Shayna Wayne make their way down and check on Nick Wayne as Strickland takes out Killswitch and starts chasing Cage to the back not before hitting House Call on Killswitch.

We head to the back where Cage runs out of the parking lot, jacks someone’s truck and starts to drive away just to be stopped by Prince Nana in another truck. Strickland catches up drags Christian out of the car and starts attacking him. Strickland & Christian end up on top of the truck as Strickland hits a DDT. Nana hands Strickland a steel chair but Christian escapes before Strickland can hit him with it.

Malakai Black vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly lands some strikes and kicks before Malakai Black is able to take him out with a sweep. Black sends O’Reilly to the outside as we head to picture in picture.

After the break O’Reilly lands more knees, strikes and kicks before taking Black down by the arm. O’Reilly follows with a rolling elbow strike for a two count.

They start trading forearms, punches and more kicks before O’Reilly takes Black down and tries to put on a cross armbreaker but Black is able to block it.

O’Reilly transitions into an ankle lock but Black breaks out of it and hits a brainbuster for two. They start trading more kicks before Black lands The End for the win.

Winner: Malakai Black

After the match red lights start to flicker before a lot of red blood falls on top of Black as he spills over. We cut to TNT Champion Adam Copeland on the tron who says to Black to be careful what you wish for and that he’ll see him on Sunday.

Tag Team Match
Women’s Champion Toni Storm & Mariah May vs. The Outcasts (Harley Cameron & Saraya) 

Mariah May & Harley Cameron starts the match before May sends Cameron down with a dropkick before hitting a spinning sidewalk slam.

Saraya tags in and wants Toni Storm & she tags in as well.

They start trading forearms before Storm takes Saraya down with a Thesz Press and tags May back in but not before slamming May on Saraya for one count.

Storm tags back in and slams May again after May tried to slam Storm first.

Saraya distracts the referee as Cameron attacks May.

Saraya does jumping jacks as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Storm & May are in control before Storm hits Cameron with Sky High but Saraya is there to break up the pin attempt.

All 4 women go at it as May & Storm put The Outcasts on the top rope but they come right back with sunset powerbombs as Cameron almost gets the 3 on Storm.

May & Storm both plant kisses before Storm hits 2 back 2 back Storm Zeros on Saraya & Cameron before pinning Cameron for the win.

Winners: Women’s Champion Toni Storm & Mariah May

After the match Storm teases stripping down again behind the Deeb’s Dojo flag but Serena Deeb runs out with a chair and takes them all out. Deeb has a shoe and takes out Storm with the heel of it. Deeb traps Storm under a chair before putting on a Half Crab before officials run in and try to break it apart.

We go to the back as Trios Champions Bang Bang Gang asks if Death Triangle wants their gold. The Gunns say if they want a title shot they have to earn it and challenge Lucha Bros to a tag match this Saturday on Collision.

Bryan Danielson vs. Satnam Singh

Bryan Danielson corners Satnam Singh and tries to punch away but Singh takes him right down with a giant boot.

Singh follows with a suplex before going after Danielson on the outside and sends him right into the steel steps.

Sonjay Dutt goes to clear the commentary table but the entire thing just collapses.

Danielson calls an audible and attacks Singh by placing him on a chair and going after him but Singh catches him and chokeslams him on the apron.

Singh pulls the turnbuckle pad off but Bryce Remsburg stops him from sending Danielson in it. Danielson hits a low blow followed by a Busaiku Knee.

He tries another one but Singh grabs him and stops him.

Danielson follows with kicks before Singh stops him with a chop.

Danielson is able to climb on top of Singh and takes him down with the hammer and elbows before putting on the LeBell Lock.

Before Singh can tap out Jeff Jarrett, Jay Lethal & Dutt run in and attack Danielson causing the disqualification.

Winner By DQ: Bryan Danielson

After the match Jarrett misses the guitar shot as Danielson takes them all out with Busaiku Knees. Danielson goes to grab the guitar and hit Lethal with it but Singh blocks it with his fist. They keep attacking Danielson as Young Bucks make their way down to the ring with an envelope that they hand to Jarrett and crew. Young Bucks go to hit EVP Trigger but Danielson is able to dodge it as Young Bucks go crashing into each other. Danielson keeps kicking away at them as Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada makes his way down to the ring. With Danielson’s back turned Jack Perry runs out and attacks him from behind. Okada enters and takes out Danielson with Rainmaker before they start dragging him up the ramp. They are about to put him through a table as we see Tony Khan pulling up to the arena and dropping Darby Allin off. Allin runs out with a flamethrower as Danielson sends Nicholas Jackson right through a table to close out this week’s Dynamite.

Friday’s Rampage

PAC vs. Rocky Romero

Samoa Joe vs. Dom Kubrick

Rush vs. Isiah Kassidy

Tag Team Match
TBS Champion Willow Nightingale & Kris Statlander vs. Alex Windsor & Anna Jay

Saturday’s Collision

Tag Team Match
Trios Champions The Gunns (Austin & Coleton) vs. Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix)

Updated Double Or Nothing Card (May 26th)

TBS Title Match
Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Mercedes Mone

International Title Match
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Will Ospreay

AEW World Title Match
Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage

Women’s Title Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Serena Deeb

8 Man Tag Team Anarchy In The Arena Match
The Elite (AEW World Tag Team Champions Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson, Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada & Jack Perry) vs. Team AEW (Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Bryan Danielson & Darby Allin

TNT Title Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. Malakai Black (If Copeland loses he must bend a knee to House Of Black)

Non Title Match
IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita (If Takeshita wins he gets a IWGP World Heavyweight Title Match)

Trent Beretta vs. Orange Cassidy

FTW Title Triple Threat Match
Chris Jericho (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Hook

Non Title Match
Trios Champion Bang Bang Gang (Jay White, Austin Gunn & Coleton Gunn) vs. Death Triangle (Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix & PAC)

Next Week’s Dynamite

AEW World Title #1 Contenders Forbidden Casino Gauntlet Match
Participants TBD