AEW Dynamite Review – May 8, 2024

AEW Dynamite Review – May 8, 2024

Kicking off this week’s Dynamite with TNT Champion Adam Copeland being stopped by Arkady Aura when entering the building where he says he’s not feeling too great going into tonight’s match and tonight he has to stop this. He just got off the phone with Tony Khan and they decided the match with Brody King tonight will be a No Disqualification match.

Orange Cassidy vs. Trent Beretta

Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta take it to the outside where Cassidy starts attacking and tossing Beretta against the barricade and steel steps.

Beretta takes control until he whips Cassidy over the barricade and Cassidy lands on his feet and lures Beretta in just to hit him with a superkick.

They take it all the way up to the stands and start fighting in the middle of the fans.

They seesaw doing a suplex until Cassidy is able to land one but Beretta comes right back by back body dropping Cassidy right back ringside.

As Beretta was trying to leap back in Cassidy trips him up on the barricade.

They head back inside where Beretta hits a flying knee just to get attacked right back with Orange Punch.

Don Callis starts making his way down to the ring as we head to picture in picture.

After the break Cassidy mounts Beretta and starts hitting him with a flurry of punches before setting up for another Orange Punch which Beretta is able to dodge and hit a half & half suplex.

Beretta hits Cassidy with a jumping suplex then Beretta follows with another piledriver.

Beretta hits a running knee strike and tells the referee to check on Cassidy as he goes and pulls off a turnbuckle pad.

While the referee goes to talk to Beretta as Cassidy rips off another turnbuckle pad.

He sends Beretta into it and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

After the match Cassidy is getting his hand raised on the outside Beretta attacks him from behind and starts gauging his eyes. Beretta sets up steel steps and hits another piledriver to Cassidy on top of it. Beretta then catapults Cassidy under the ring frame. Orange gets up pretty quickly and grabs a chair to counter Beretta who now has a toolbox but Kris Statlander runs out and steps in between them to hold back Beretta then Beretta tells Statlander to shut the f*ck up as Don Callis takes Cassidy to the back. As Beretta goes to leave he says No friends just me.

We go to earlier tonight, where we see The Elite driving into the arena and start honking at a car in front of them telling him to move and call him a mark. You see them pulling into Tony Khan’s reserved parking before they say that they are going to go clock in.

We then see Jack Perry from last Wednesday after Dynamite who asks if that is the best that Kenny Omega had and hope he had fun hitting his moves in his hometown in what will probably be the last time in his career. Perry says Omega is not the hero they wanted him to be but a coward like everybody else. The Elite doesn’t need him anymore and neither does AEW because they will go change the world without him, they all have to sacrifice and Omega just made his.

We go to Kenny Omega at the hospital bed who says he wishes he could have been there in person but the EVPs had other plans in mind. They were like family to him for 15 years but here he is at the ER. Omega says he has to thank them for what they did that was not personal but business but he has business to take care of himself and says May 26th marks the 5th anniversary of where it all started at Double Or Nothing. And since they like to make their own rules he suggests Anarchy In The Arena for The Elite vs. FTR and 2 other names that will be revealed on a 1st come 1st serve basis and they will reveal themselves later tonight sooner than they might think.

Tony Schiavone brings Serena Deeb to the stage and asks her if she’s ready to go for the Women’s Title against Toni Storm at Double Or Nothing. Deeb says she’s excited to wrestle Storm and has been hearing that she won’t be able to defeat Storm. She gets it but goes to explain how losing at Double or Nothing is not an option for her. Several months ago she finally made her in ring return and it was the hardest 15 months of her life. She gets a bit distracted as the crowd starts chanting Let’s go Oilers before she talks about suffering 3 unproved seizures and calls it one of the scariest moments of her life. Deeb says she did everything to try and figure out how she got them, the hardest part is not knowing what can cause the seizures. The thing that stuck in her mind was the vision to finally become champion as she gets cut off by Toni Storm.

Storm says all she is hearing is a charity case and starts tossing stuff at Deeb. Deeb tells Storm to take this seriously and at Double Or Nothing she will fight for her life to finally become champion. Storm says everything Deeb has gone through she can honestly tell her she can’t give a single solitary shit. Storm goes to hit Deeb but she catches her and is able to knock her out first.

Lexy Nair is in the back with Orange Cassidy who is being checked in the trainer’s room. Rocky Romero goes to check on Cassidy and says he just spoke to Tony Khan on the phone who said if he beats Jay White tonight he & Cassidy will get a Trios Title shot and mentions Tomohiro Ishii, Katsuyori Shibata or maybe even Trent Beretta being their partner but Cassidy stops any discussion that it could be Beretta which Romero understands.

Mariah May vs. Harley Cameron

Harley Cameron goes right after Mariah May with a running knee strike getting a two count.

May comes back with some rolling elbows in the corners before hitting a spinning sidewalk slam and a dropkick as Saraya goes to check on Cameron.

Cameron sends May off the apron with a Scissor Kick as we go to picture in picture.

We come back to see Saraya yelling at the fans ringside as May & Cameron start trading punches in the middle of the ring.

Sky High from May for a two count before May catches Cameron by the leg and takes her down with a headbutt.

May heads to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick sending Cameron to the corner where she tries a hip attack just for Saraya to pull Cameron out of the ring.

May takes out Saraya with a right hook and yells at her to stay out of her business.

May sends Cameron back inside and hits the May Day to get the win.

Winner: Mariah May

After the match Saraya runs in and attacks May from behind as her & Cameron start double teaming on her. Mina Shirakawa runs out and takes out Cameron with a spinning backfist as Saraya escapes. Shirakawa teases a kiss with May but denies her before asking for champagne 1st which they both drink.

Arkady is in the back with PAC and asks with the return of Rey Fenix if they will see Death Triangle back in action. PAC says at this moment and time he’s not concerned with them but he gets interrupted by Trios Champions Bang Bang Gang. Jay White says nobody is concerned with Death Triangle as they are dead and PAC needs to be concerned with himself as he’s coming off a loss to Kazuchika Okada. White says he knows how to get the job done with Okada and maybe he should go after him and his Continental Title but for now he has Rocky Romero and tells PAC to watch.

We get a Malakai Black video where he talks about Adam Copeland and him being so pivotal to the industry before changing his landscape and how he became painfully aware of his own mortality. Copeland then decided to choose a family and a facade of what he truly is which is the devil. The man Adam had to be reminded who he really was. Not the family man as he has to kill the facade and tell the world that Copeland is really a son of a b*tch and he will have to bring Copeland closer to death so he could live again.

We get an video showing all the good things The Elite have done for AEW and how they will change the world before we cut to AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks who talk about that being a wonderful piece of promotional material and say they need fewer updates from Kenny Omega. Someone hands them a format sheet as they say they will be hearing from the world champion and tell AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland to go get them.

Swerve Strickland says he’s in a pissed off mood and fighting mood and shows highlights of The Patriarchy attacking him last week. Strickland says when you become champion everybody wants a piece of you and he can’t blame Christian for going for someone at the top. Strickland then tells Christian to come out so they can have a conversation.

Christian comes out and says he hates to break it to them that there won’t be any championship for the Oilers as they will get stomped out by the Canucks later tonight. Christian says every week he will take something from Strickland. Christian says Strickland is not in his league and Christian deserves to stay on the top of the mountain as AEW World Champion. Christian brings up Strickland looking in the mirror and seeing his gold teeth before threatening to take them from him next. The Patriarchy goes to enter the ring but Mogul Embassy backs up Strickland as Strickland mentions taking out Christian just like Kendrick Lamar took down Drake this weekend and said it won’t be the last time someone from the West Coast takes out a fake father from Toronto. Swerve mentions how he has put Christian in an uncomfortable position and we all know when that happens Christian says I Quit but before Christian can respond Brian Cage & Gates Of Agony go and attack Strickland from behind. They hit him with a triple team powerbomb before Cage tosses Strickland to the outside with a press slam. They take Strickland and powerbomb him off the steel steps through the commentary table as The Patriarchy walks to the back.

We see the Young Bucks clapping in the back before they shake hands with Christian as he says this is just the start of a very fruitful relationship.

Arkady Aura is in the back with TBS Champion Willow Nightingale who’s sporting a shiner after last week’s Manitoba Massacre but says you could never beat the smile off her face. Aura asks if Nightingale is ready for Mercedes Mone’ at Double Or Nothing as Nightingale says she’s ready for any match and Double Or Nothing is just another stop in being a champion and says the question is if Mone is ready and looks in the camera and asks her because last time they stepped in the same ring Nightingale walks out the victor. Since then Nightingale has been on the run of her life and Mone might win all the headlines and attention but in a professional wrestling match she is going to be the winner and on May 26th, Mone better be ready for the fight of their lives.

Trios Champion Jay White vs. Rocky Romero

If Romero wins he gets a Trios Titles Match.

Jay White starts by talking trash as Rocky Romero sends him down right away with a punch and gets a two count.

Romero sends White to the outside where he hits him with a dive before sending him back inside and hitting a hurricanrana.

White takes control as we head to picture in picture.

After the break Romero is in control and he goes for Sliced Bread just for White to stop it.

Romero comes back with the running Sliced Bread but gets another two count.

White comes back with a brainbuster followed by Blade Runner to get the pin

Winner: Trios Champion Jay White (Since Romero lost he doesn’t get a Trios Titles Match)

After the match Bang Bang Gang keeps attacking Romero until PAC runs out for the save and chases them off.

We see a video of Samoa Joe in a gym working out and talk about him being what men fear in the first place.

Tag Team Match
FTW Champion Chris Jericho & Big Bill vs. Mo Jabari & Harlon Abbott

Chris Jericho & Mo Jabari starts the match with Jabari is able to take Jericho down and Jericho seems impressed before tagging out to Big Bill.

Bill starts tossing Jabari around as he tags out to Harlon Abbott & he gets clotheslined and tossed into the corner by Bill.

Bill starts attacking both opponents before hitting Jabari with a chokeslam.

Bill then targets Abbott and hits him with a chokeslam as well as Jericho approves.

Jericho gets tagged in and hits Abbot with Judas Effect to get the win.

Winners: FTW Champion Chris Jericho & Big Bill

After the match Jericho gets on the mic and accidentally calls this town Calgary which gets boos of course from this Edmonton crowd plus a You f*cked up chant. Jericho says when you have done this for so long you make mistakes but you learn from your mistakes and that’s what The Learning Tree does. Jericho brings up people complaining that he’s always on Dynamite and he says he would be on for all 2 hours if he could. He then thanks Big Bill the giant redwood and says what a great job he’s done tonight. Jericho continues about how his match with Katsuyori Shibata last week got the highest rating on Cagematch. Tony Schiavone enters the ring and tells Jericho that Hook is returning next week Jericho gets excited and goes over the top with how happy he is about this and says they should celebrate.

TNT Title No Disqualification Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. Brody King

Brody King starts the match by taking down Adam Copeland and tries a piledriver but Copeland is able to slip away.

He send King to the apron where he tries to spear him off but gets stopped and hit with a neckbreaker on the ropes as we go to picture in picture.

After the break Copeland dodging a running King who goes crashing right into the barricade. Copeland starts smacking King’s back with a chair.

They start fighting on the apron where Copeland hits a DDT to King on top of a chair.

Copeland takes him out with a top rope crossbody for two.

King is able to stop all of Copeland’s momentum with a lariat and his blood is spilling all over the ring as we go to the last picture in picture.

After the 2nd break they are fighting on the apron as there is a table set up right behind them.

Copeland is able to pull King off of the top rope before they start trading clotheslines and big boots which knock them both down.

Copeland tries to lift up King but he falls right on top of him and gets a two.

King follows with a running cannonball for another two.

Copeland tries a spear but King stops him in the corner and hits a spiked piledriver as Stephon Smith immediately goes to check on Copeland.

Copeland lifts up King on the apron and hits him with a Death Valley Driver.

As King gets back up on the apron Copeland takes him out with a spear through the ropes and they go crashing through the table that was set up on the outside.

Back inside Copeland lands another spear for the win.

Winner & Still TNT Champion: Adam Copeland (STILL CHAMPION!!!)

After the match King attacks Copeland from behind before Kyle O’Reilly runs out and helps Copeland attack King then takes him out with a double clothesline that sends him to the outside.

We go to Arkady Aura in the back with Mercedes Mone’ and asks if she’s ready for to face Willow Nightingale. Mercedes talks about being only 18 days away from her AEW in ring debut and talks about here in AEW is where the best wrestle and she thrives for that spotlight. Mone talks about tomorrow sitting courtside for the Celtics and Friday throwing the first pitch for the Red Sox. Mercedes says she is ready for Nightingale but as far as she goes, Willow took something that she can never get back, a year of her career. Mercedes asks why this even happened to her and questions if she will be as good as she used to be, before saying you damn well know she will be. Mone talks about being back with a vengeance because she’s that b*tch and that Mone’ changes everything.

Lexy Nair is in the back with Adam Copeland & Kyle O’Reilly and asks Copeland how it feels to have an ally against House Of Black. O’Reilly says he’s happy to help him but this Saturday in their hometown wants to accept the Cope Open. Copeland asks if that was his plan to get closer to that TNT Title says well played and agrees to it.

The Elite starts walking to the ring and says they called the network and asked for an over run as they have a message. Okada has a message for Kenny Omega and tells him to get well soon. Matthew Jackson tells Tony Khan that he’s the best boss he’s ever worked for and just wishes he would have realized that The Elite was never here to hurt AEW but to make AEW a better place. Khan got in their way and got a Tony Khan Driver. Kenny Omega decided to end a 15 year friendship so they gave an EVP Trigger to an EVP. Nicholas Jackson says the only reason FTR saved his ass is because they hate The Elite. If they want Anarchy In The Arena at Double Or Nothing then that they will get and good luck at finding 2 other people with big enough balls to face The Elite. FTR comes out as Dax Harwood says it wouldn’t be easy to fight the EVPs of this country but he found a couple of guys with big enough balls as outcomes Eddie Kingston followed by Bryan Danielson then they brawl to close out Dynamite.

Saturday’s Collision

TNT Title Match
Adam Copeland (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Tag Team Match
Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin)

Tommy Billington vs. Dax Harwood

Updated Double Or Nothing Card (May 26th)

TBS Title Match
Willow Nightingale (c) vs. Mercedes Mone

International Title Match
Roderick Strong (c) vs. Will Ospreay

AEW World Title Match
Swerve Strickland (c) vs. Christian Cage

Women’s Title Match
Toni Storm (c) vs. Serena Deeb

8 Man Tag Team Anarchy In The Arena Match
The Elite (AEW World Tag Team Champions Matthew Jackson & Nicholas Jackson, Continental Champion Kazuchika Okada & Jack Perry) vs. Team AEW (Dax Harwood, Cash Wheeler, Eddie Kingston & Bryan Danielson)