AEW Star’s Contract Set To Expire In Two Weeks

It’s a new season for AEW, and some big names are expected to join the company in the coming weeks. Some contracts are also set to expire this year, including one for a veteran wrestler.

Fightful Select reported today that former WWE, TNA, and ROH star Matt Hardy’s contract will expire soon. Hardy signed with the company in March 2020, so the expiration date coincides with that. No agreement has been reached, but both parties are said to be in contact about the deal.

His brother Jeff, on the other hand, has more time on his contract, and it is believed that time was added to his contract due to injuries and personal issues he has had to deal with. Matt stated in January that he and Jeff were on the verge of changing their paths. Matt mentioned the following on his podcast:

“I do think the Hardys are heading in a new direction and I think it is really unique for Jeff because I think you’re gonna see Jeff talk about and go into a territory that he’s never really explored before, and I think that’s gonna be really interesting, really intriguing, really good, entertaining TV.”

“Every time we do a ComiCon, anytime we do any public signing, we sign for seven hours. Every three or four people that come through, someone is gonna say, ‘You are my childhood. Oh my God, thank you for making my childhood great. You are living legends and you’re still killing it.’ You know, we hear that so much, so I think we’ve just decided to apply that to the new direction where we are taking our characters in. The best thing is, when the die hard fans who claim or feel they’re the smartest, and they get the ins and outs of the business, or they know what’s going on more than anybody else does, or they have the correct idea, ‘This is how the creative should go. Tony Khan should book it this way’, Triple H should book it this way or whatever’, those guys, when they react to stuff and also it gets underneath their skin, that still lets you know you can still do your job, you can play a role, and you can still even get the smartest of the smart fans, especially the ones who believe they’re the smartest of the smart.”

Jeff is currently out of action after suffering a concussion during a Rampage match against Sammy Guevara.