Ahmed Johnson Reacts To Booker T’s Lawsuit Threat

Former WWE star Ahmed Johnson appeared on the Cheap Heat podcast and was asked to respond to Booker T’s statement that he would sue Ahmad if he spread false information about him:

“I don’t even know where it started between me and Booker. He said what he said, so let’s deal with it. First of all Booker, when you were in the penitentiary doing your time, I was in the military, brother, fighting for my country. I don’t understand how you can call somebody a scum when a scum obviously is one who’s been in prison. I don’t think you finished high school. Not only did I go to the military, but I graduated Most Distinguished Honor Graduate from my class which is top of the line. Then the Cowboys thing, I got a letter which I ain’t got to prove to you from the Cowboys when I was at scout camp. What else did you say? I’m having trouble remembering what all he said, but those are the main two, and so brother, like I said, if it wasn’t for Stevie, I could eat you up on this podcast, but out of respect to Stevie, I’m not going to eat you up like I wanted to. I don’t know what’s your problem. Then you talk about if you see me, you’re going to jump on me or whatever you said, fight me or whatever? Oh my God. That would make my day. You can make my day by doing that.”

If he knew why when he laid out a challenge to Booker T to a fight that Booker T ignored?

“I don’t know. He threatened to sue me with some lawyers and everything and I hate lawyers, but he threatened to sue me, so I guess you have to watch what you say on here now that he’s threatening a lawsuit. We don’t want to go there. We don’t want me to be sued or you guys to be sued.”

If he thinks Booker T is scared of him:

“Knowing what I know of him, I don’t think he’s scared. I think he’s more into lawsuits now wanting to sue people, so if I came up to him and punched him or something, of course that would be a lawsuit, because I think he’s on strike three and strike three you get locked up. You get locked up for a long time, so I don’t think he can do anything but sue, but I don’t know what he’s suing me for. How are you going to sue me when you started this beef?”

If there is anything he can touch on about Booker that wouldn’t cause him to be sued or if it can’t be touched on without being fully divulged:

“You can’t touch on this without it being fully divulged. You can’t even hint because if the truth comes out, boy it’s a mess. Why do you want to sue me over the truth? I don’t know because you know what I got to say is real.”

Why he feels Booker brought this issue up:

“I’m still not sure why today he started on me like that man, but he started it and if he wants to finish, I would like him to keep his mouth shut otherwise I’m going to throw the lawsuit out the window and say what I got to say as far as his little secret goes.”

“He wants to stay in the press. He wants everybody talking about Booker T like he always has. He’s never helped any of our friends that kind of came up with us in wrestling school get into WCW where I got a bunch of them to get tryouts in WWF. I reached back and I pulled the next man up, not the crab in the barrel story where you try to pull a man down. I lifted them up, some of the guys that I thought were worthy and from that point it was up to WWF. I can’t go to Vince and make them hire you. They have to see you and want to hire you.”

You can check out the complete podcast below: