AJ Francis Explains Why He Was Backstage At WWE RAW Last Week And How Talent Reacted

(Photo Credit: WWE)

‘Top Dolla’ AJ Francis recently appeared as a guest on Eric Bischoff’s Strictly Business podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling. During the discussion, AJ Francis said he was backstage at Monday Night RAW in Houston:

“I was just backstage at Raw literally on Monday. I was in town for Bun B’s Houston Rodeo. Bun B invited me to his show so I pulled up because that’s my OG. While I was at the rental car place, the guy who was giving me my car was a fan and he said, ‘Yo, Top Dolla. Are you coming back tonight?’ I was like, ‘What the hell are you talking about?’ He’s like, ‘RAW is in Houston.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, RAW is in Houston.’ So RAW just happened to be in Houston.’ I text Triple H. I said, ‘Yo, I’m just trying to come back see the guys. It’s not that big a deal. I’m not out here trying to be like, yo, bring me back right now. I’m not doing that. I’m just trying to see the guys right. That’s all. All my friends, all my people I work with.'”

“He set it up and I was able to go backstage and everybody that I saw from Paul Heyman to Jey Uso to Triple H to Road Dogg to Becky Lynch to Cody Rhodes to Seth Rollins to Tomasso Ciampa to Finn Balor to Jinder Mahal to Drew McIntyre. Everybody that saw me, it was nothing but love. It was nothing but, ‘I’m so happy for you. You’re killing it. Hope to see you back here soon.’ Paul Heyman literally came up and gave me a hug. He said, ‘My day has been made seeing that you’re here.’ So it’s like, I know that the people there that I worked with know how talented I am and how good I am and that I should still be there, but through no fault of my own, I’m not. Here’s the thing. That’s cool. Do your thing. The WWE does not need me. They don’t need nobody. It’s a well-oiled machine. I’m one spoke on the wheel. The wheel is gonna keep turning. Shout out CM Punk, but like, that’s another example right there. CM Punk is back there too. So it’s like, you never know what the future holds but what I know is that I’m not waiting around for that either.”

You can check out the podcast below:

(h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription)