Alex Kane Discusses Matt Riddle Joining MLW And Who Else He Would Like To See Join

MLW World Champion Alex Kane, along with Mr. Thomas, took time to speak to the Media before MLW’s Kings Of Colosseum live event on Saturday.

Here are some questions and answers from the interview:

What is your strategy for the MLW World Title Match against Richard Holliday tonight?

Mr. Thomas: To keep MSL away because he’s greasy and gets into everything. Kane adds, he smells like ass and popcorn! Mr. Thomas continued answering the question, saying to keep WTF away because they like to poke their nose in our business. It’s the same old sh*t man!

Kane spoke about his overseas trip, being in Germany during the holidays, and the terrific food.

A big free agent signed to MLW in Matt Riddle. How do you feel about Riddle coming here, and are you looking forward to getting in the ring with him?

Kane: Yes, I’m looking forward to it! He’s a solid competitor. Mr Thomas adds that he (Riddle) is great to hang out with after the show. He misses the Evolve Wrestling days and traveling together to Allentown. Kane continues by saying, either I get into the ring with him, or maybe there’s a team-up of some sort? The Assassin and Matt Riddle?!

Who would you like to face in 2024?

Kane: Shelton Benjamin, if you’re out there, hit up the League. I need that in my life. I need a challenge. Just don’t sign with WTF. Also, AJ Francis is another one. He’s my boy, but I need that.

You have had a great 2023 and are on top. Can you talk a bit about from your start here until now and the ride that it has been?

Kane: Man, that will take a long time. It’s been wild, man. I’ve only been doing this for five years. I’ve always had people telling me you’re going to do this or that, but I don’t let it fu*k with my head because I know this is a privilege and can be taken from you at any time. It still doesn’t feel real, but that’s a good thing because it keeps my head level and humble. Humility is for hoes, but sometimes you just gotta be a ho! Kane and Mr Thomas start laughing. New t-shirt alert!

Alex Kane was successful later that evening, defeating Richard Holliday and successfully defending his title. Joe Dombrowski announced during the show after his match that Kane’s next opponent will be Satoshi Kojima at the MLW Supercard in February.