Alicia Fox Addresses Her In-Ring Future, Comments On Potentially Joining AEW Or TNA

Former WWE star Alicia Fox (Vix Crow) recently spoke with MuscleManMalcolm on a number of topics including potentially joining a major wrestling promotion like AEW or TNA.

Crow said, “Some days yes [I see myself joining one of them], some days no.” “I always think about Zack Ryder, and [how] he’s able to just really work territories and I think that was just fun. That’s what I find at Hatchet [Pro Wrestling School] is this nostalgic feeling of like when Kelly [Kelly] and I went to practice.”

“The Deep South girls, all these women have held hands of another woman somewhere, so it just is a very curious experience for me. But I think I’m better to do that when I can have more boots on the ground in other companies and meeting more women too. I think it’s what I want to do because it makes wrestling more sweet.”

You can check out Crow’s comments in the video below.