Arn Anderson Talks About A “Big Mistake” He Feels Young Wrestlers Are Making

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Arn Anderson recently spoke on his podcast, “ARN,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including a piece of advice that he would give to young wrestlers:

“One thing I want to point out that you may look through history and see at what point it happens, but if you notice [Gene] Kiniski and if you notice [Steve] Austin, one thing that was missing: kneepads.”

“Young guys that don’t wear knee pads — that don’t feel they need ’em or don’t want ’em or whatever — is a big mistake. I would advise every young wrestler, male or female, from the first time you step in the ring, kneepads are essential equipment to giving you longevity and protecting you.”

You can check out the complete podcast below: