Ash By Elegance Addresses Why She Decided To Sign With TNA Wrestling

TNA star Ash By Elegance recently spoke with SportsKeeda’s Kevin Kellam on a number of topics including why she decided to sign with the company.

Ash By Elegance said, “TNA is, I feel, a land of open creativity.” “It lets you explore many options. There are other companies out there that I have talked to and was in negotiations with, but one thing that drew me to TNA was Tommy Dreamer and Gail [Gail Kim] were like, ‘Listen, we let our talent have creative freedom. Yes, we will help you and take that creativity to the next level and bring it to life.’ That’s something that drew me to TNA.”

“Also, watching the women’s Knockouts division, I feel it’s the best of the best. These women are hungry. I’ve been honored and blessed to sit ringside for Jordynne’s matches. Seeing what they do, seeing that they put their heart and soul into the ring, is amazing. I’m super passionate about wrestling and other places that I have wrestled at before, you lose that passion for being on the road every week, every Monday or Friday at TV, you lose that passion because it’s a story that you’re playing when you’re going out there. The wrestlers at TNA have that passion and are hungry for that next step and next level. Tommy Dreamer was like, ‘We saw your potential at WWE. We want to capitalize on that and make you a star.’ That’s what stood out to me.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)