Backstage News From TNA Wrestling’s Talent Meeting

TNA held a meeting with talent and some of the new executives within the company this past weekend.

According to Fightful, the meeting was planned well ahead of time and featured some of the executives within the company, both familiar and new ones the talent will be answering to now. Some talent also spoke with the higher-ups individually. 

The consensus was that nobody wanted the roster to abandon their hard work as a group, even if they disagreed with the decision to replace Scott D’Amore.

One of the top stars in TNA was looking to leave the company but decided to ride it out after the weekend’s tapings and see how this meeting went. 

Fightful Select also stated that TNA executives were open to receiving feedback from the talent roster. The majority of talent in the company were against the decision to fire D’Amore, but the meeting did a good job of getting them excited about the future possibilities in TNA.

As of now, D’Amore is not expected to rejoin the company, although many on the roster are still hoping Anthem will change their stand on this and ask him to come back.