Backstage News On Kenny Omega’s Diverticulitis Issue And His Future

According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW star Kenny Omega will be monitored for the next seven weeks. After that time, a decision will be made regarding whether or not he will be needing surgery.

It was also mentioned that it is expected Omega will need surgery, although the hope is that he can heal with therapy and rest.

Omega has not had surgery as of yet because his situation was so serious that surgery would have put him at risk.

Meltzer stated, “Normally, you would have already done the surgery right away, but his condition and everything was so bad that they could not risk the surgery at the time, and now they are kind of just… it’s going to be in seven weeks he’ll either have the surgery or he won’t, and then, at that point, we’ll see.”

Prior to his injury, Omega had been teaming with Chris Jericho as The Golden Jets. The duo was set to receive an AEW World Tag Team Championship match at Worlds End in December, but the bout had to be called off.