Backstage News On Will Ospreay’s Plans To Mention CM Punk During Recent Promo

After AEW Dynamite this week, fans talked about the choice to show the CM Punk/Jack Perry video and Will Ospreay’s comments about Triple H.

The promo that Ospreay did was in response to Triple H. In it, Ospreay talked about the rumors that he was scared of “the grind.” He normally wouldn’t say anything about it, but he did because the person who said that got where he is by “grinding on the boss’ daughter.” This came after Triple H said in an interview last week that he doesn’t want certain wrestlers to work for WWE because they don’t want the hard work, which made some fans think this was about Ospreay.

As was already said, the idea for the promo was pitched to Ospreay, who was excited about doing it.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ospreay was going to say something about Punk, but AEW stopped him.

“Okay, so here’s the basic deal. On Wednesday night, when I saw it because I didn’t know it was coming. Although I knew a lot of background of it right after it happened, I did not know it was coming. It was, ‘Oh, God, Tony.’ Again, everything on that show. It’s still all credit and all blame at the end of the day does go to Tony, that’s the reality. But it was very much this was not Tony Khan going, ‘I can’t stand WWE. I just want to devote two segments to just running those assholes down.’ Right. It’s like, that didn’t happen. In fact, one of them, Will Ospreay’s lines about Punk. They told him no, don’t do it, because it would be overkill. But he was he was not happy with [Pau] Levesque, he felt that they negotiated, he negotiated with them in very good faith never said anything bad about them at all. And felt, you know, just like, yeah, he took, the higher money offer. And the offer that allowed him which was very important him to live in England, when he talked to both sides.”

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