Backstage Update On Sheamus Returning To WWE TV

Even though one WWE star has still not returned despite weeks of anticipation, the company is still planning for a SmackDown wrestler to make a return.

In recent years, Sheamus has been an upper mid-carder when paired with Butch and Ridge Holland. He most recently competed for the Intercontinental Title against Drew McIntyre and GUNTHER earlier this year.

The former WWE Champion has been out with a shoulder injury since his last match, a loss to Edge on SmackDown on August 18th.

Bryan Alvarez was recapping last week’s SmackDown on Wrestling Observer Radio when he mentioned that Holland walked out on Butch in a recent match. Pretty Deadly made fun of Butch in a recent episode, and WWE teased Butch getting some backup.

It appears that Sheamus will return because it makes more sense for Sheamus to return to aid Butch rather than Holland, who recently turned. Sheamus, according to Dave Meltzer, is “supposed to be back real soon.”