Bobby Lashley Speaks Out About Being Paired With The Street Profits

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Bobby Lashley spoke with 100.7 The Bay about a variety of topics, including his desire to defend his World Championship and more.

Lashley also discussed his pairing with The Street Profits and other topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Regarding his pairing with The Street Profits:

“There were a lot of guys that kind of supported me and helped me out and because they saw something in me. So that’s what I did at this point of my career because achieving that accolade of winning a WWE Championship was just enormous for my career. And I mean, nothing can really top that. So right now, it’s just building a legacy and a legacy with some people that I want to be with and be around. And that was the reason why I picked the Street Profits originally. So it’s not that I’m over and I’m not doing anything. I know what I’m capable of doing and I have a lot left in the tank to win another WWE Championship and win a Tag Team Championship. I have enough in the tank for all of these different areas, but I just wanted to bring some people that I felt were deserving and I watched the Street Profits for a while and those guys are extremely talented and they just need the right, the right help. Maybe just the allies in our business allies are very important and to be an ally for these guys. I think that these guys can just do some incredible things in this business.”

On house shows being more fun than TV events:

“Oh yeah, man. Look, it’s a great time for us because there’s no stress. The TV, the cameras, the cameras are still there. They’re not as tight as they are during the show. Do you know what I like to do before those live events? I like to be able to go out and meet the crowd. I can meet the crowd before I even go into the building. I can meet them after my match, before my match. We’re not really tied into any kind of constraints, so I love to be able to go out and shake people’s hands. We become a little bit more personal with the crowd during these live events, and that’s an experience that you don’t normally get from just a regular TV show. Now, the TV show has its glamor and everything because you see the pyros and some of the stuff that you just see on TV, some of the backstage stuff. But when you have a live event, I mean, you’re right there and we get a little bit more time to be out there in the ring. I mean, it’s all over, just a fun environment. So for me, whenever because I have kids and every week we’re trying to look at what we can do at a WWE event to bring your kids to. It’s just an amazing experience because you can just watch the kids, you can watch their eyes just like they scroll up and they just love it. And they have an. We give them stuff, you can get t-shirts sometimes when guys are coming back from a match. They hand a kid something and that kid just lights up, you know? So it’s more personal when you go to a live event and it’s just fun and you can come before the show. When we’re driving in, you can meet some of the superstars. We have a fan experience where you can go and meet some of the wrestlers before the show. Also, there are a lot of different things that you can do during a live event that you don’t normally have an opportunity to do. So it just makes the whole experience more fun, right?”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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