Booker T Reacts To Seth Rollins’ Recent Statement About UFC Fighters

(Photo Credit: WWE)

What did Booker T think of Seth Rollins’ recent comments about UFC fighters not having what it takes to make the transition to WWE?

Let’s find out!

During his latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast, the WWE Hall of Fame legend and WWE NXT commentator spoke about Rollins’ recent comments about UFC fighters not having the stamina required to make the transition to WWE.

Featured below are some of the highlights from the episode where he touches on this topic with his thoughts.

On Rollins saying it’s not easy for UFC fighters to make the jump to pro wrestling: “You know, Seth is a working man, Seth is doing his job. Okay. I think the UFC fighters go to pretty much say the same thing, perhaps in a different way. But I think the UFC fighter is going to say the same thing in a different way. Because Can we go in to do what the UFC guys do? No, we can’t. No way can we go over there and do what those guys do. It’s very few people in the world who have dedicated their lives to doing nothing but going out there and fighting inside a cage with other men. So that is, you know, the elite guys that do that. The professional wrestler is an elite specimen as well because he’s more of a mental guy. Just like Seth said, you know, to do those small towns, and then to you know, get on a flight to go do TV and then get on another flight to go overseas to do a whole tour to get back, you know, to be ready for Monday Night Raw all over again. It’s the most grueling, the most grinding thing that you’re ever going to do in your life. And you have to be a certain type of individual to be able to do that. And can imagine Ronda Rousey after going through the life that she had led, being Olympic judo, let’s say she was a kid training since she was a kid, you know, going to the Olympics, just that alone training for that, then coming out and going to the UFC, having that lifestyle and is trying to be a professional wrestler, good God, it is the hardest thing in the world, for a guy that’s coming out of high school that’s 20 years old, fresh, don’t have one bump on his bump card run to get several bumps on a boat. So it’s just a different world, more so than anything,”

On UFC fighters getting injured more than wrestlers: “Those guys are trained to go out there and maim and do whatever they have to do to you to win. It’s not like you know, it’s not like professional wrestling at all. Those guys’ injuries piled up, I think, much quicker than I was, even though I was bound up over a longer period of time. So it’s just so many pros and cons when you’re talking about that, but I do appreciate Seth Rollins standing directly in character and saying exactly what he needs to say, in that moment.”

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