Brooks Jensen Provides An Update On His Status

WWE NXT star Brooks Jensen has been treated as an outcast by the company for the past number of weeks. He was even shown trying to invade the shows, but no attention was given to him despite his efforts to disrupt the segments and the stars.

Jensen recently took to his official Twitter (X) account and revealed he is a free agent. Jensen also thanked the WWE Universe for being a part of his journey and revealed his first Indie match will take place on Saturday.

Jensen said, “Hey guys, I’m back. So we’re one day away. Tomorrow marks Ben Buchanan being a free agent. What a journey it’s been. I want to thank each and every single one of you for being part of my journey. All the way from when I started at 16 years old to now. It’s just been an experience. Oh, God, I have some great news. This Saturday, I had my first independent booking. That’s right. I got my first match this Saturday. You know I can’t celebrate without a drink, right? Hold on. Salute. But guys, once again, Thank you for being part of this and I cannot wait to share more of my journey with all of you.”

You can check out Jensen’s comments below.