Chris Sabin Reveals He’s An Agent For IMPACT Wrestling And Competing At The Same Time

IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion Chris Sabin appeared on Sunday Night’s Main Event to talk about a variety of topics. Sabin revealed he is an agent for the company and competing at the same time in order to gain experience as a backstage agent so that once his in-ring career ends, he would still be able to work in the wrestling industry.

Sabin said, “And I’m actually right now, I still agent and wrestle at the same time so I’m still gaining experience as a backstage agent. Started doing that in 2019 so it’s been almost four years of experience and that, I really like having that in my back pocket because that’s, you know, a job position in every major wrestling company in the US. They have backstage agents so, just being able, if my in-ring career ended and I would still be able to agent, I would be happy with that as well so as long I can work somewhere or have some sort of job related or within the wrestling business, I would be happy.”

Sabin also talked about who he thinks will win the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary, who he has his eyes on in the match, and who will be an interesting opponent for his IMPACT X-Division Championship.

“Well I think KUSHIDA would be interesting if he won (Ultimate X at Slammiversary). Being a part of Time Machine and being one of my best buddies in wrestling, that would be a really interesting matchup but, a guy I do have my eye on is Kevin Knight. I think that he has so much potential. The man can jump so high. He has just amazing athletic ability so, I’m gonna have my eye on them but obviously, all of those men are talented. Mike Bailey, I mean everyone’s been watching Mike Bailey’s run on the independents and in IMPACT for the last couple of years. It’s just been amazing. (Jonathan) Gresham, one of the best technical wrestlers in the world and Angels has really proven himself as a star as well but, yeah, Kevin Knight, I’m really interested to see what he does in that match.”

You can check out Chris Sabin’s comments at this link.