Christian Cage Discusses A Booking Decision From His Time With WWE That “Bothered” Him

Former AEW TNT Champion Christian Cage spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the end of his first WWE run in 2005.

Christian discussed how he received a positive crowd reaction during a match against Batista, but the company did not follow up.

“After we came back, he [Bastista] said ‘What are they doing with you man? They have to do something’ and I was like ‘I don’t know.’ And then after that…the triple threat thing happened with myself and [John] Cena and [Chris] Jericho. When they inserted Chris into that to kind of…maybe they didn’t see me as a big enough star at the time to be able to carry that…that bothered me.

I was like ‘You’re not even giving me the chance to prove that I can do this? You’re just going to add somebody else in there?’ So that to me was kind of the writing on the wall. I was like ‘Nothing is going to change unless I change it myself.’”

You can check out the complete interview below: