Daniel Garcia Believes The Arc Of AEW Itself Resembles His Character Arc

AEW star Daniel Garcia recently spoke with Adrian Hernandez on a number of topics including how the arc of the company itself resembles his character arc for the past year.

Garcia said, “It was great. I feel like AEW was in a transition period over the past couple of months.” “It almost resembles my character arc. AEW’s arc resembled my character arc for the past year. Everybody knows my story, I was transitioning from a pro wrestler and then became a sports entertainer. I was stuck in limbo between being a sports entertainer and pro wrestler and finding my way.”

He also talked about how the Continental Classic tournament was a shot in the arm that AEW needed and how it fully brought the company back to its core roots.

“I feel like that was the past six months for AEW. AEW kind of went away from its roots for a little bit and was seeming a little sports entertainmentish. Then, the Continental Classic fully brought it back into a pro wrestling product, sports-based product. With the promos and competition based around matches, I’m a fan of a very stripped-down product in wrestling. The Continental Classic brought that back to AEW. It was bare bones, ‘these people are competing for this.’ Super easy to follow, super easy story. It was a shot in the arm we needed, and I was glad to be part of that. If you notice, everyone started doing those backstage interviews after I did it. I’m not trying to say everyone is copying me, but I definitely think that was the catalyst for it.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)