Darby Allin Says He’s Going To Make Sting’s Retirement Match Memorable

Darby Allin recently appeared as a guest on the Battleground podcast for an in-depth interview covering all things pro wrestling.

During the discussion, the AEW star who is currently one-half of the world tag-team champions along with Sting, promised to make the retirement match for “The Icon” at AEW Revolution 2024 this weekend a memorable one.

“It scares me,” he said. “This is the very last match, there is nothing left to lose. I think someone might go to the hospital. It’s going to be a wild fight. I know that I’ll stop at nothing to make sure it’s one of the most memorable matches that he’s ever had.”

He continued, “People are always going to remember this. If you crap the bed in the last match, people are always going to remember that. It’s my mission statement to make sure that this man’s career ends with the respect it deserves. If I have to sacrifice myself, so be it, a sacrifice must be made.”

Check out the complete interview at BattlegroundPodcast.com.