Details On CM Punk’s Backstage Reception At Monday’s WWE RAW

(Photo Credit: WWE)

CM Punk appeared on WWE Monday Night RAW for the first time since 2014, and delivered his first promo since returning to WWE at Saturday’s Survivor Series premium live event, declaring that he was “home.”

As previously reported, producers, referees, staff, talent, and even creative team head writers were not informed of Punk’s return in advance. Before the match, the talent working the main event was informed. There are talent on the roster who are reportedly upset, as well as some who are excited, curious, and emotional. WWE signed Punk to a multi-year contract.

In his promo, Punk stated that his backstage reception was “all love” and that “everybody back there is happy to see me.” He described the experience as “like a family reunion.”

PWTorch has a report on how WWE talent treated the former WWE Champion, and it confirmed what Punk said, as Punk tried to approach everyone and was “very nice” and “humble” and “in a good mood.”

“But he knew he kinda had to be,” one wrestler said, while another said, “He seemed humbled.” According to one star, Punk “seemed pretty positive all around, but we’ll see in a couple of months if it sticks.”

According to the report, when asked if people are skeptical of Punk being so friendly and nice at this point, one wrestler said “yes” and “estimated about half of the wrestlers are iffy about if this is sustainable.”