Drew McIntyre Addresses The Changes To His WWE Character In Recent Months

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Drew McIntyre discussed the recent changes to his WWE character in an interview with ReviewSTL.

“I always kind of compete with myself. I don’t really compete with anyone else on the roster. It’s just, I’ll never be number one because I’m always competing with myself. Looking across the board, WWE in general, but specifically on Raw, everybody is upping their game. Be it on the microphone, be it from a character perspective. Be it from the in-ring game. It’s awesome to see because it’s a three hour show and it’s not easy to sit down and watch a three hour wrestling show. It’s like watching a three-hour film, no matter how good it is, a Martin Scorcese number. ‘Wow, that was really good, but it was long.’

These days, we have so many different characters, unique storytelling going on. For me, personally, this is the most compelling character-wise I’ve felt in a very long time because of the different approach we’re taking telling stories, which is to make it as real as possible because if it’s real to the superstar, they’re feeling it and the audience will be with them.”

(quote courtesy of Fightful.com)